2018 Quotables – Week 4 (Submissions)

Good morning West Coasters and good afternoon to the rest of y'all. Welcome to another week of Quoteables. Your usual host Blax was on vacation in lock down in Oakland this weekend and I was happy to fill in as we try and raise enough for bail. Provided he suffered non-fatal

Your “Welcome Back to Work!” Monday Night Football Open Thread

Anyone ever all set to go on a vacation, and then suddenly the morning before have someone dump a giant project on you? This happened to me two Thursdays ago, with the kicker (a few fan bases recoil in horror at that word) being that I had prepared for this

No Ones Chargers 2018 Season Preview

INTERIOR - ST. SOPHIA CATHEDRAL, LOS ANGELES - MIDDAY [A decent group of formal, yet lavishly dressed people sit in the pews as the funeral for Faye Spanos is about to get underway. However, due to the vast size of the church, the audience seems dwarfed by comparison. The organ softly

Your “Can You Stop Testing My Breaking Point?” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Quick NFL Hits: Nick Foles doesn't care that Tawmmy didn't shake his hand after the Superb Owl Why should he? He's the one that won the damn thing.I hope that when they meet next week for the preseason game, Foles just holds out his hand and asks him to kiss

Your “It’s Right There!” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Is OBJ gonna get paaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiddddddd? Apparently the Giants are working with his agent to make him the highest paid wideout in the League. I'm not sure what the Giants are thinking, considering he is coming off an injury and is only entering his 4th year. I'm all for

Jason Verrett is Next to Receive BOLTMAN’s Ire

5th year Pro Bowl cornerback for That Team That Moved, Jason Verrett, suffered a torn ACL on the very first day of training camp which will cause him to miss the entire 2018 season. Some are suggesting that the team may be cursed, given their year over year injury history,

Your “Burying the Guy Who Buried the Football ” Monday Evening Open Thread

Sorry for the light news and delayed thread tonight everyone. The #contentmines were not properly stocked and now you're stuck with me tonight. NFL News: The Patriots are looking to trade Superb Owl LII "MVP," Malcolm Mitchell, because if you say one mean thing to Belichick, he never forgets Conner Barwin agreed

Your “We Can Only Go Up From Here” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Los Titancanos' DE Jurrell Casey will continue to take a knee and protest during the national anthem, in spite of the greed lords owners latest rule change. "I'm going to take my fine... It is what it is, I ain't going to let them stop me from doing what

Your 4th of July Day Open Thread & Commentist Beer Barrel: Boots On The Ground – San Diego International Beer Festival 2018

Heyyyy, happy 4th of July, folks! Low Commander here to dust off the old Beer Barrel and hopefully wet your whistles for the incredible day of BBQing, blowing shit up and straight up shameless DRANKIN'. 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, (mostly because I am not a

Show Some Respect

INT. FOX BROADCASTING BOOTH - NRG STADIUM, HOUSTON, TX - NIGHT JOE BUCK: Good evening, folks! Welcome to Thursday Night Football, here in downtown Houston, as we wait to watch the 2-6 Texans take on the 1-7 Miami Dolphins, in what is sure to be a thrilling kickoff to Week 8!