Chip Kelly Records a Message

INTERIOR - UCLA'S WASSERMAN FOOTBALL CENTER OFFICES - MIDDAY Coach Chip Kelly sits alone in his office, busy typing on his computer. He pauses briefly to put on a headset and listen to his work, his eyes unblinkingly focused on the screen. A smile crosses his face just as a series

[DFOnline] Red to the Dead to the Redemption 2

It has been some time since we've had a [DFOnline] post 'round these parts. Back in March, I was originally going to showcase a fantastic indie game by one of my favorite publishers, Subset Games, called Into the Breach. Originally launched on PC only, Into the Breach was recently ported to the

Caleb Sturgis Takes a Ride

EXTERIOR – CHARGERS PRACTICE FACILITY, COSTA MESA, CA – MIDDAY [CALEB STURGIS walks alone to his car following Monday's walk-through. He seems a bit forlorn, yet still has the semblance of an optimistic smile on face. As he is a few feet from his car, another vehicle rolls up] [CAR DOOR FLIES

Nobody’s Chargers 2018 (Late) Bye Week Update – The End of an Era

INTERIOR – ST. CATHEDRAL, LOS ANGELES – MIDDAY [A massive group of formal, yet lavishly dressed people fill the pews of the church. The room is so packed with bodies that there is a constant murmur that drowns out the few notes of the organ just audible above the buzz. DEAN

BOLTMAN GROUP Presents – The Sound of the Beast

♫ Set to the music of “The Number of the Beast” from Iron Maiden ♫ GHOST OF JUNIOR SEAU: Woe to you, oh Span-oiiii, for the deal you made sends the beast with wrath, Because he knows the time is nigh... Let him who hath electric dance moves reckon the sound of the beast For it

2018 Quotables – Week 4 (Submissions)

Good morning West Coasters and good afternoon to the rest of y'all. Welcome to another week of Quoteables. Your usual host Blax was on vacation in lock down in Oakland this weekend and I was happy to fill in as we try and raise enough for bail. Provided he suffered non-fatal

Your “Welcome Back to Work!” Monday Night Football Open Thread

Anyone ever all set to go on a vacation, and then suddenly the morning before have someone dump a giant project on you? This happened to me two Thursdays ago, with the kicker (a few fan bases recoil in horror at that word) being that I had prepared for this

No Ones Chargers 2018 Season Preview

INTERIOR - ST. SOPHIA CATHEDRAL, LOS ANGELES - MIDDAY [A decent group of formal, yet lavishly dressed people sit in the pews as the funeral for Faye Spanos is about to get underway. However, due to the vast size of the church, the audience seems dwarfed by comparison. The organ softly

Your “Can You Stop Testing My Breaking Point?” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Quick NFL Hits: Nick Foles doesn't care that Tawmmy didn't shake his hand after the Superb Owl Why should he? He's the one that won the damn thing.I hope that when they meet next week for the preseason game, Foles just holds out his hand and asks him to kiss