Your “I’ll Be Honest-I’m Hoping For a Travesty Here” Sunday Night Football Open Thread

You know, the good kind of travesty whereby extraordinary misfortune befalls the easily-hateable team that has experienced so much success. The one that has had the benefit of iffy ref calls for more than a decade now. The team that has an owner that has more than doubled his significant

Your “Stare Into The Abyss That Is The NFC East” Thursday Night NFL Football Open Thread

God is dead. So why not watch a bit of the old football? It's not like I'm going to judge you. -Friedrich "The Funky Philologist" Nietzsche   These two wet, stinking dogs are gonna give us many reasons to laugh and joke and cry (that'd be me, mostly). TO THE GAME! Schmeagles/Jizzants: Both these squadoos

Your “There Is Only One Game Today” Sunday Morning/Early Afternoon Multi-Purpose Post

Much like any Giants fan I'll be obligated to watch their eventual embarrassing demise vs. Carolina. But like many folks that like football in and of itself, the Jags/Chiefs game is must-eyeball TV. Also, we've got some pre-NFL appetizers on in the form of EPL action. TO THE GAMES! Den/NYJ: This is