Your “More Cheddar Than You Can Swing a Stick At!” Full Tilt NFL Action Open Thread

And we're not tilting at windmills, friends-this be the real thing and all. I trust you have a very many intoxicants and mood-enhancers at arm's length, that you've finished tying the children up in the basement, (or crawlspace, either one is fine) handed the wife a few 20's and said,

Your “O Frabjous Day! Callooh! Callay!” Thursday Night NFL Football Open Thread

Look at me over here, chortling with joy. Man, this takes me back to high school and my first girlie friend. After a few sessions of furtive squeezing and such she said, "this shirt is so uncomfortable". She got up, took off said shirt and then said, "should I take

Your “The Roster, The Practice Squad or The Street-It’s Your Choice” Thursday Night NFL Pre-Season Windup Open Thread

Of course, as a player you might be just fine talent-wise but your contract might not be to management's liking. Or perhaps you've got the requisite amount of experience but there's a rookie that the coaching staff is curious about. Maybe you were favoured by a previous regime and the

Your Thursday Night NFL Football Open Thread

[kid's entertainer walks onto stage to rabid applause] Entertainer: "HELLO OUT THERE, ALL MY LITTLE POOPSTERS!" Audience: "HELLO CAPTAIN SHITSTAIN!" C-Stain: "Oh! It's so lovely to see all my friends. There's Dookie in the front row." [camera pans to excited child wearing a "Don't Shit Where You Eat" t-shirt] C-Stain: "Boy, have I got a