World War G – Chapter 2: Blame

345 Park Avenue, New York, NY   NFL Headquarters I was meeting with Roger Goodell, the head of the NFL. I hadn't expected to get an actual meeting with him, as I'd heard that - since President Trump had declared him a national disgrace over the kneeling issue - he'd become a recluse

World War G – Chapter 1: Warnings

ESPN Headquarters, Bristol, CT The first outbreak I saw was on television. It came from a dank & darkened hellhole on the east coast. "Bristol" they called it. I was stationed in New York, hired sight-unseen by the corporate overlords at "the campus". Now, I was expected to make my first

Your “Liars, Cheats, Addicts & Murderers” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: This year's Hall of Fame candidates were announced. There are 108 names in total eligible for shortlisting & unfortunate interviewing by Peter King. First timers are led by Randy Moss, Brian Urlacher, Ronde Barber and Ray Lewis, who I know would kill to be included in the Hall.