Chip Kelly Records a Message

INTERIOR - UCLA'S WASSERMAN FOOTBALL CENTER OFFICES - MIDDAY Coach Chip Kelly sits alone in his office, busy typing on his computer. He pauses briefly to put on a headset and listen to his work, his eyes unblinkingly focused on the screen. A smile crosses his face just as a series

Mr. November Brings His A Game – JV NFL Open Thread

Holy shit, kids.  This slate is amazeballs.  To the point where I can't even say anything smart-ass, just want to play badass band of our times The National's epic John Kerry song: Nebraska at Ohio State (Noon, Fox) This is on national Fox...why?  This will feature some epic tOSU vengeance, for Redshirt's viewing

Closing Out JV NFL September 2018

As the universe likes to do, the schedule is at its most interesante when my shitty wolves are playing.  SIGH. Syracuse at Clemson (Noon, ABC) Laugh all you want, but Cuse is the kind of physical side that gives the Tiggers fits.  Surely will at least bit the yuuuuuuuge 25.5-point spread (fingers