Lesser Saturday FOAR Lesser Footy

I hope you enjoyed last week's hefty smorgasbord, but the pickings are way the fuck thinner this weekend, at least the Saturday portion.  Onwards we go, nonetheless! Palace and Soton open things up (7:30, NBCSN), with the former sporting a new manager after collecting ZERO points from the first four fixtures.  Saints have

Lesser Footy – A Raging Semi FOAR NYE!!

There are a smattering of Premiership games this morning, with Manure hosting 15th position Middlesbrough (10:00, NBCSN) getting feature treatment. Leicester/West Ham and Chelsea/Stoke are probably better options in the morning window, though. Consult your Extra Time listings. But the big action (Euro-speaking) today is at Anfield, where the

Lazy Wednesday JV NFL Open Thread

Embrace the nothingness with these fine fixtures: Pinstripe Bowl - Pitt vs. Northwestern (2:00, ESPN) The Mildcats are going to honor alum Craig Sager with a helmet patch instead of a FOR REALS colour rush, which is beyond disappoint. Pitt will run a lot, and score and allow many scores, if