Of Blackouts and… Watford? WTF! Fútbol AM Open Thread

We're into Matchday 5 of the English Premier League, 4 for La Liga. However, a premium channel tier dispute between DirecTV and beIn Sports has taken La Liga broadcasts off my TV. Since beIn is from the Al Jazeera group, I'll irresponsibly declare that this smells like protectionist crap. But

Your “Oh They’re Comin'” Open Thread

Preseason starts this week and I'TS ABOUT DAMN TIME. The lack of NFL games is a dizzying emptiness. And if you're a fan, you need fodder for ranting on maddening rules bullshit jingoism clock mismanagement nauseating  materialism lip service as policy rulings Daniel Snyder & Stan Kroenke Ginger and Fantasy

The Wait is Over: BEL-ENG, World Cup 3rd Place Open Thread

The World Cup third place match is also known as the Losers’ Final. It’s a charmless assessment, but the consensus around the game seems to be “Why even play it”. Sure, the stakes are placing 3rd or 4th, but bitching about playing (or watching) the game has to be First

Last Month of the Offseason WOOO! – July 1st Open Thread

People everywhere* are complaining about the heat. That means: it's July, baby! Oh man, the 2018 NFL season is so close you can almost smell the Toradol. * Northern hemisphere. Whatever, nerds. It's been quite a wait, the draft feels like ages ago. Did the Jets draft the overrated or the opinionated QB? Guess

Messi! Cristiano! Etc.! – World Cup Elimination Open Thread

This World Cup has delivered: dynamite games (62% decided by one goal), no team looks unbeatable, two untraditional juggernauts (Belgium and Croatia), penalties penalties penalties… It should get even better in the knockouts, and what a start: a Messi – Cristiano doubleheader. You could argue about their greatness compared to

The End Is Nigh (for the Groups Stage)! World Cup Day 12 Open Thread

The World Cup pivots today to only two start times. There are four games, but matches from the same group are played at the same time. The heart sinks when we remember Saturday Day 3 [wistful sigh], when the four matches were played one after the other. Truly an orgy

Liverpool! Real Madrid! Champions League Final Open Thread

Yes yes yes. The European club championship starts at 1:30 Central. The winner of this yooge deal tournament gets a proportionally extravagant trinquet, which the Spanish call La Orejona (the big-eared one): The Brits call it the Big Cup, and I imagine toffs creaming all over themselves for the generic understatement. OF