The Makeover: 2018 Titans Preview

Late last season, the consensus was that the Titans’ weak spot was coaching. It was reasonable: when Tennessee won, it was ugly and against bad teams. The offense was inefficient and very predictable. Even a serious professional, like TE Delanie Walker, said that players had to “overcome coaching” after a

Titans Bye Report: In The Mix

There was a tangible preseason buzz about the Titans, and I called them a chic sandwich in the preview. The present state is a wholly different reality. The hip AFC South team is THE TEXANS, thanks to DeShaun Watson. Hell, even the Jaguars, who have ZERO prime time games scheduled

Monday Night Feast! Colts @ Titans Open Thread

Both teams are 2-3, and fill the bottom half of the lowest wattage division in the NFL. Luck is out. Mariota (hamstring - questionable) says he'll go--i.e., Cassel is definitely in the mix. But enough table-setting. This is my  position on "Pfft, baseball's on" taeks: Artist's lesss handome conception via IND-TEN is

Two Word Review: Chic Sandwich – Titans 2017 Preview

Last year the Titans finished 9-7, and have been generating buzz ever since. Since February, I've been reading that they're expected to win the AFC South this season. The offensive linemen became celebrities thanks to a Stanley Cup run by the Predators and catfish fetishists: Even schedule makers are complicit in

Titans Are 6-6: Are Aliens Involved?

Since the birth of civilization in Greece, the power of intellect has defined human endeavors. But equity is a universal force; thus, extraterrestrials gave pyramids and abstract thought to non-European ancients. If otherworldly folks gave Egyptians and Incas a leg up, how can anyone dispute that they've helped NFL inferiors like

Photographs And Memories: BURN THEM [Titans 2016 Preview]

I was optimistic. The Bridgewater injury bummed me out, but the Bradford trade... It felt like a portent. I looked at the current roster--woof: very similar team to last year’s 3-13 squad. And then the narratives started bouncing inside my head. TITANS CROWN BRADFORD'S ASS Oh, you think that's impossible. Yet those