Your “Whose Bright Idea Was It To Leave tWBS In Charge?” Saturday Evening Open Thread

BeerGuyRob's.  That's who (Whose?  Whom?  Whut?). Yep, BeerBoyBobby is a selfish bastard.  He decided he'd rather pawn off his responsibilities tonight.  Just to go watch wrasslin'. I mean whut's up with this, Canadia????? But OK.  Fine.  I get it.  Trim and fit bodies in tights.  And a little sweaty.  And slapping up against

TGISF… Well I Guess That’s Music, Allegedly – #1

It's Been A While, Eh? Greetings and salutations, perverts.  Haven't seen you since last year FFS.  Miss me yet?  Yeah, I thought not.  But if you've been reading along faithfully on Fridays recently, then you already know I stepped away from the controls here for the past few weeks. First and foremost,

Your “Even Moar Saturday NFL? Thanks Santa!!” Saturday Evening Open Thread

Santa is still slacking off in most ways I see.... Can't blame him, though.  He's got a big day tomorrow.  He deserves a little relaxation today. But at least he gave us the early gift of not just one, but TWO Saturday Varsity Footy match ups today/tonight. Earlier today, my Ratbirds shamed/got shamed

TGISF…AKA “Time To Fill That Sack Ya Fat B*st*rd” Sexy Friday Open Thread

No, that's not what I meant!!!  Get your head in the game!!! But I also can't fault ya on that one.  One must play to their strengths. Obligatory: - Well, it's Christmas again Almost, anyway. And as I've often told people, in spite of the fact that I'm a godless heathen; and in spite of all