Your “It’s Tuesday Which Means…At Least It’s not Monday????” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Wow, what a day. I ended a relationship and got accused of hit and run. OK, for the record, those two things are unrelated.  I was not accused of hit and run by the young lady I ended the relationship with. Well, that's not exactly true.  But she didn't say it in those

Your “The Pre-Season Zombie-Like Apathy Is Palpable” Sunday Evening Open Thread

The first weekend of Pre-Season Footbaw seems to have taken its toll.  Some folks (us) seem sort of apathetic. But it also seems to have some other folks feeling....well... not so apathetic... The brawl spilled over into the crowd. Media wasn’t able to record during this period, but there’s gonna be some

Your “Maybe Just A Little Sexy” Friday Evening Open Thread

We're gonna get through this quickly, class, because I don't have much to talk about this week. OK, ok...settle down, class.  Hmmm....let's see... Southwest Airlines still sucks.  Check. St. Louis' Lambert International Airport is still a shithole and should be razed from the planet.  Check. And California still has legal weed (I should know,

Your “Paraskevidekatriaphobia” Friday Evening Open Thread I don't believe in luck, good or bad.  I do believe in chance and random occurrences, however.  I also believe that our actions, or in some cases our REactions, will determine, or at least influence, certain outcomes.  Life happens. Example #1 (bad): When I was a kid, a friend of mine's brother

Terrell Who?

I'm not taking sides here.  Really.  And I get the reasoning regarding the ceremony in Canton itself. But this is a bad look for both Owens and Canton, IMHO. "The focus is on the guys who are here," Hall of Fame executive director Joe Horrigan told Clark Judge of the Talk of

Friday Open – The King is Dead, Long Live The King

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is Balls. tWBS is... out.  So,  i'm taking over tonight's Sexy Friday thread and ... I've got some bad news . . . . . . This is your last Sexy Friday. For some of you, that's not a problem.  Truth be told,  Sexy Friday had gotten to be a pain for tWBS to write

Your “I Was Nowhere Near New Jersey When I Killed Him” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News Janoris Jenkins is the new Orenthal James Simpson.  Maybe.  Hopefully not.   In all seriousness, and in spite of my very witty post title.... All of the details aren't yet available here, so let's not rush to judgement.  But it is being investigated as a homicide by "strangulation/suffocation" currently.  Then again, it

Hey Look, It’s The Next LaVar Ball Everybody!!!!

Wendell Carter Jr.'s mom has beef with Coach K after Marvin Bagley came to Duke early  ( "My initial reaction, I was pissed," Kylia Carter, Wendell's mom, told NBC Sports. "And it wasn't pissed because Marvin was coming. To be honest, I felt like that was information that was kept from

TGISF … Solstice, Schmolstice OK, here's the deal... This week's theme was predetermined a while ago.  The calendar does what it does, I don't control it.  And days ago, I began thinking through what I wanted to say this week to try to make you idiots laugh.  Because I think I'm funny even if you

Fan Injured By Phillie Phanatic’s Hot Dog Cannon

Yes, the jokes write themselves on this one... Phillie Phanatic's hot dog cannon sends Phillies fan to emergency room ( From deep within the bowels of the inevitable comes this: A fan has been injured by a projectile from the Phillie Phanatic's hot dog cannon. -