Your “I’m Not Wrong….Yet” Carolina Panthers Bye Week

I'm perfectly willing to admit it when I'm wrong.  I'm wrong a lot. But so far, I don't have to. Back in the pre-season I predicted that the Panthers would go 5-11 and end up in last place in the NFC South.  Well, they haven't hit 5 wins.  Yet. I also predicted that

Your “Your Ink Is In My Briefs” Friday Evening Open Thread

I've been rather busy and stressed and, yes pissed off, over the past couple of months.  Allow me to explain. When I filed for divorce from my ex-wife, now more than six years ago, I prepared and filed the documents myself.  And also when I prepared my will a few years

The “Cam Newton School of Driving” Strikes Again

Errol Spence Jr. in intensive care after his vehicle flips multiple times in crash, police say Unified welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. was seriously injured in a rollover crash early Thursday morning in Dallas, police confirmed. Spence (26-0, 21 KOs), a native of nearby Desoto, Texas, was not wearing a seat belt,

Your “Aw Crap I Forgot It’s Friday Already” Friday Evening Open Thread

Seriously.  With everything going on around here, I was a day further behind than I thought I was.  I thought it was still Thursday. tWBS:  Hey Ma!  What day is it? tWMS:  It's Friday. tWBS:  Really?  I thought it was still Thursday. tWMS:  That's because you're a dumbass. tWBS:  Thanks Ma.  I guess I better

Your “It’s Only A Game” Friday Evening Open Thread

I've been pretty busy lately.  I'd tell you about it, but I'm too tired this week to type that much.  Maybe next week. Anywhooooo.... Each day when my "chores" are done and I get back home, if there's no football or other sportsballing on, I've gotten into the habit of crashing onto

Your “Halloween Shows Up Early” Friday Evening Open Thread

Sorry not sorry.  That's just the way it goes sometimes. Normally, I do this theme for Halloween.  But looking at the calendar I'm going to miss it by a day this year.  It's on a Thursday and doing it six days early seems stupid. Though I still have to think of something

Your “Extremely Abbreviated” Friday Evening Open Thread

Fair warning:  You're not getting much out of me tonight. We've been dealing with hurricane stuff around here. I drove down in the middle of it overnight last night to get a friend's daughter to safety. (I know what you're thinking) ((don't say it please)) - In today's version of "That was unexpected".... Both the former tWLS