Your “For A Hill, Men Will Kill” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: No man is an island, and Chad Kelly found that out late Tuesday night as he was a clod washed away by a sea of bad press.   He was cut by the Broncos as a result of his criminal trespass arrest after the Broncos Hallowe'en party. PFT has

Your “Everyone Loses” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News:   John Harbaugh wants the challenge rule changed. He came to this conclusion after using both, and losing one, in the first 7 minutes of the Ravens loss to the Saints on Sunday. Of course, he has no ideas, but doesn't like that you have to win both to

Your “Now What Will He Do?” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: No London Jags just yet: Shad Khan has withdrawn his offer to buy Wembley Stadium. It was rumoured that he didn't have enough FA member votes to get the deal through, so he decided to stop wasting his time. It doesn't help that the team he owns -

“Shathawks… Nope,…Shethawks… No, That’s Not Right… Hold On, I’ve Got It…” Seattle At The Bye

As Beastmode Ate My Baby is off on another top-secret government mission, it falls to me, another Seahawks season ticket holder and the writer of the Seahawks 2018 season preview this year, to provide an update on the team everybody used to hate. At their bye, the Seahawks are 3-3 - not

Your “Oh, Okay – More Sports?!” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Richard Sherman took being Richard Sherman like a man last night, when questioned about the call that kept the Packers game-winning drive alive: "I can't have that penalty ... regardless of how I feel about it. I have to find a way to make that play without getting

Your “It’s An Image, Not A Homage” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: It's still a few weeks to the October 30th deadline, but who cares about facts? Trade rumours! Shady to the Eagles. Cardinals LB Deone Bucannon to the Eagles. A bitter former employee is accusing Shad Khan of trying to have London, and specifically Wembley, be the permanent Jaguars home

Your “No Longer The Most Embarrassing Moment In Team History” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Family patriarch & chief enabler Alex Spanos died Tuesday morning, aged 95. Disappointed in the man his son had become, Alex Spanos leaves behind three other, hopefully less embarrassing, children, and a whole litter of grand- & great grandchildren. Two of his grandsons look after the day-to-day operations

Your Pride of Texas SNF Open Thread

Back when I was a wee lil Balls, one of the first songs I learned in English was this one: The second was probably this one: Even though I was a wee lil Steelers fan back then,  I really liked the Houston Oilers and Earl Campbell and Dan Pastorini. Those were some

Your Saturday Evening Mild Rant & Open Thread As you are reading this, I am currently not in Seattle awaiting the banal gore that will be the Seahawks home opener on Sunday. The dog sitter's elderly mother died, and there wasn't time to make other arrangements, so my brother will be enjoying the carnage without me. However, as we

Your “But You Said I Could…” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News:   The Patriots are being investigated over Patrick Chung's concussion in Sunday's loss to the Swags. He was initially cleared on the sidelines, but after the half was removed from the game for further checks. The League & union are investigating if all the proper protocols were followed. Jameis

Hey Rube: Your 2018 Buffalo Bills Season “Preview”

"So maybe there's hope. Or maybe I'm going mad... In a nation ruled by swine, all pigs are upward mobile — and the rest of us are fucked until we can put our acts together: Not necessarily to Win, but mainly to keep from Losing Completely." -Hunter S. Thompson, The Great

Your “Back To Everything” Tuesday Evening Open Thread Man, going back to work sucks. NFL News:  Le'Veon Bell is still a ghost at the Steelers facility, and he hasn't yet signed his franchise tag contract. Soothsayer Maurkice Pouncey has divined Bell will show up Wednesday. Either way, Bell has until November 13th to sign & show up. Every game