No Ones Chargers 2018 Season Preview

INTERIOR - ST. SOPHIA CATHEDRAL, LOS ANGELES - MIDDAY [A decent group of formal, yet lavishly dressed people sit in the pews as the funeral for Faye Spanos is about to get underway. However, due to the vast size of the church, the audience seems dwarfed by comparison. The organ softly

Your “So, Anything Happen While I Was Gone?” (Part 1) Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: JJ Watt says he's ready to go for 2018. He's always been ready at the start of a season; he hasn't finished a season since 2015, and played through a sports hernia to help the Texans lose 39-0 to the Chiefs in their Wild Card game. He also

Your “Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Everything today seems to fall into the "hoo-boy" department. The burglary at LeSean McCoy's ex's has taken a dark turn: She's in the hospital after being pistol-whipped. The burglar asked for items specific to her relationship with McCoy. Further to that, her lawyer issued a statement: “In fact, after

Your “Oh Boy” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: This sucks: Jim Kelly has to go for more surgery. It's a follow-up to the procedure he had to have after his oral cancer returned. The Colts have introduced half-season tickets in order to drum up more interest in seeing their team. Four regular-season and one pre-season game.

Tom Brady’s PED Scandal, Part 4: Inner Circle

Two Things: First, A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes. - Mark Twain (Incorrectly) Second,  Now, the last time it even seemed worth making a unique post about Tom Brady's ongoing cheating history was way back in January 2016 after the Peyton Manning-led (but

Your “Whaddya Mean It’s Not Human?” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Julian Edelman is apologizing for his failed test, but no one is certain what he tested positive for. The League is having the sample retested, as the positive came as a result of a substance that wasn’t immediately recognizable, and there are scientists analyzing it. Meanwhile, he can

Your “A Small Man Trying To Embiggen Himself” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Crybaby-in-chief President Trump "disinvited" the Eagles from the White House and instead will hold a perfectly cromulent "Celebration of America, which will certainly embiggen the smallest man. Fewer than 10 players were expected to show up, and none of them black. On the heels of the disinvitation, American

2018 World Cup Team Preview – Nigeria

A random phone rings in a famous building...   White House Operator: Uh, hello? Mysterious Sexy-Voiced Protagonist: Yes, hello...I'm calling from Door Flies Open and looking to get some information on a foreign country. With whom am I speaking? White House Operator: This is Ivanka. MSVP (who is now obviously DFO): Wow, didn't expect that. Why

Your “Thirty-one White Folks and Shad Khan Say What Goes” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Owners meeting rule changes: They have come up with a new anthem policy: The NFL will enact a national anthem policy for 2018 that requires players and league personnel on the sideline to stand but gives them the option to remain in the locker room if they don't

Your “In The Most Delightful Way” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Hi all. After a welcome three-day holiday weekend away from the #content mines, I'm ready to return you to the cromulence of my banality. I golfed & drank on Saturday & saw Deadpool 2 & drank on Monday; in betwixt, I soberly crammed in family time with the extendeds. Thanks

Your “Hopefully, The One Time This Site Unites Behind A Jets Franchise” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Your day may have sucked, but it went nowhere near as badly as Matt Patricia's.  If I read the stories correctly: He was on Spring Break at South Padre Island in 1996. He & a fraternity brother apparently sexually assaulted a woman at a hotel. She initially complained to

Your “Cast Off Your Oppressor’s Shackles!” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: More draft-day stories are leaking out: The Seahawks were willing to part with Earl Thomas. Dallas just wouldn't pony up the picks. The Patriots were looking into Baker Mayfield at #2 if the Browns didn't take him. It seems, based on reading between the lines at PFT, that