Evil Celebrity Pickakke

This year’s Superb owl features Satan’s favorite team—the New England Patriots—playing against the Philadelphia Eagles, whose fan base happens to be her favorite. Factor in Donald Trump being president, and this year’s celebrity pickakke should be evil and bad. It’s what we deserve. . . Hello fellow DFOers, I dipped into

Neglected Prop Bets

Prop bets have always  been a great way to get people who are not interested in the game, or have little knowledge of football, involved in watching. Betting on how long the National Anthem will take to play almost makes it watchable, and the fact that odds makers have to

TGISF…aka Your “Sexy Superb Owl” Sexy Friday Open Thread

Psssssst.... HEY DUDES WAKE UP!!!!!!!!   You know what this Sunday is, right? [chuckles to self]   Oh come on.  It's Funny!!!!  ARE YOU SUPERB?????   It is so funny.   OK, ok....fine.  Sorry.  But you are Superb....are you not?   Hehehehehe.....yeah you are.  Good Boy.... OK, more Superb Owls later, maybe.  Probably. - SB Trophy Logo...A Retrospective So the trophy logo got a bit