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Last week Jay Cutler and Swagger treated us to a Request Line featuring all things feline and canine.  Completely unrelated to that, over the weekend I attended my 20th college reunion.  My general experience with these things has been quite positive, and this weekend was no exception.  I think what happens for me is that I tend to look at everything with rose-colored glasses; I only seem to remember the things that I liked about people, and even with people that I couldn’t stand there’s a sense of “hey, maybe they have matured.” I know I certainly have.  Not entirely, though, because we ended up partying with the students in one of the dorms until about 2 a.m.  I forgot how casual things were with regards to alcohol and drugs; there was a gravity bong in the hallway and a keg and random other bottles of liquor in the middle of the courtyard for anyone to imbibe at leisure.  Of course, I don’t recover nearly as quickly so while the students were probably back at it by noon the next day, I’m still suffering two days later.

I’m awarding dual picks of the week, in keeping with the theme.  The pick for dogs goes to scotchnaut, with his resurrection of “Sample the Dog”, a nicely obscure tune by Timbuk3.  The pick for cats goes to yeah right, with “Big Electric Cat” by Adrian Belew.  And a very special honorable mention goes to Cuntler for his pick of a ten hour techno remix of the “Meow Mix” theme.  You’ll find it at the very end of the playlist, because you start playing it thinking you’ll just skip past it after twenty seconds and then…well, you don’t.  And for those so inclined, here’s the Spotify Link.

Law-abiding Raiders fan, pet owner, Los Angeles resident.
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Jay is not amused that a dog song took the top track.


I sent that meow mix remix to like 8 people. That thing should be topping the charts.