Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy: Risky Endeavours Explained By “Risk”

Risk. Anyone over the age of 25 remembers this game. A child's game, but not a game just a child will play. Allow me to walk you through the process of how we got to this point. This is Barron Trump, Now, on the surface, he's a mild-mannered kid whose father just happens

Take A Knee Zeke! It’s The Dallas Cowboys At The Bye!

Before we get into the travesty that the Cowboys' 2017 season is about the become, a few words about Jerry Jones.  Unless you were living under a rock the last couple of weeks you know that our grandstanding Vice-President, Mike "I'm Terrified Of Any Woman Not My Mother" Pence, attended

Your “Death & Darkness Are Rushing Forward” Thursday Evening Open Thread

Luckily, there's still The Darkness. NFL Notes: Julian Edelman & the Patriots have agreed on a contract extension. Otherwise, this was the final year of his four-year deal signed in 2014. Also, no one smaller than him is a free agent, so Belichick had no choice - other than scouring the

Your Clean Records = Clean Conscience” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: As expected, Aaron Hernandez's murder conviction was vacated today, as a result of his suicide prior to the conclusion of his appeal. This means his widow will be able to go after the Patriots for the remainder of his 2012 signing bonus. but Odin Lloyd's heirs cannot, because

Your “Tears Are Something To Hide” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

  NFL News: two days until the Draft. Adrian Peterson has indeed signed a two-year, $7 million contract with the Saints. it's effectively one-year, plus incentives, with a team-option for a second. Oh - the Saints open in Minnesota Week-1. No one can blame him: AJ McCarron wants out of Cincinnati.

Your “Happy President’s Family Day” Monday Evening Open Thread

Everyone in North America has a holiday today except British Columbia and whoever drew the short-straw in the Wal-mart employee break room. My condolences to myself & the others in this circumstance. I was all set to go back to doing a preview of NFL News, and then I saw this: I know

A Lazily Updated Canadian Flag Day Post

[In attempt to meet my quota from the #content mines, and in respect of Canada's 150th birthday this coming July 1, I am republishing my Flag Day post from last year, with updates to obsolete information & additions of information I found fascinating for my students. If you emigrate here, you'll need

Your “Hmm…Who Else Can DFO Help Bring Down?” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Russians. They're everywhere. They come in all shapes & sizes.   And trying to infiltrate everything, even this here site. But why is that? Is it because of the sympathies expressed during our World Cup Previews? No. Is it because we have pointed out the historical badasses that have wrought havoc on Mother Russia from time to

Your “Welcome To Day 3 – Bargaining With Bargaining” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Hi, my name's Beerguy, and I'd like to talk with you about the future. Super Bowl LI(cked) is in the book, so it's time to start looking forward to next season. If you're like me, your team didn't win, and that's okay. It's okay because your team has learned from its mistakes,

Celebrity Superb Owl Picks: Sean Spicer

COWARDLY MEDIA WHORE TRADING JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY FOR ACCESS: Good evening, and welcome to CNN. Tonight, we turn to a somewhat lighter topic than normal: picking the winner of the upcoming Super Bowl. With us tonight is professional faux-liberal doormat Alan  Colmes... COLMES: Thank you. I'm just so happy to be... WHORE: And

Your “THIS is League Stability?”Thursday Night Open Thread

NFL News: The Raiders have officially filed their relocation papers with the League. According to Yelp, the second best, but closest, moving company to the is West Coast Moving Systems. They have a three-hour guaranteed response time, and proudly advertise having moved Gary Payton. This seems right up Mark

Reince Priebus Tries To Plan The Inauguration

The scene is one of quiet desperation, as GOP Chairman Reince Priebus tries to produce quality entertainment for the upcoming inaugural festivities. On a constant basis, musicians and celebrities have made it clear they would never consider bringing their talents to Washington to celebrate the incoming Cheeto-in-Chief; the current acts are limited to 3