Russia 2018–World Cup Day 3: Father’s Day Edition

Feliz Dia del Padre everyone! Unlike in North America where Father’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June, most Latin American countries celebrate Father’s Day on June 17th. Yes, no matter what day it is, as long as it is the 17th of June, it’s Father’s Day. Short story: Long

WTF Time Is It World Cup Open Thread

It is 2:30 AM Pacific as this post goes up. Yes,  I'm awake.  Hawthorn and Adelaide are about to have the First Bounce and in about 30 minutes,  France will face Australia in their World Cup debuts. There will be three more games back to back to back. Also this: What can we


This is the moment we have all been waiting for! Shut up, tWBS! The wait is finally over and the real non-friendly games begin.  We are starting at the ripe time of 4 AM Pacific because the Opening Ceremony to the 2018 World Cup begins at 6:00 AM Pacific and we need

Your Wednesday Champions League Semifinal Vuelta Open Thread

Roma - Liverpool (2-5) Balls: Those two goals are what make this match intriguing.  In the previous round against Barcelona,  Roma lost the first game away 1-4 and everyone had written them off. Then,  the return leg in Rome happened and they got the 3-0 result they needed.  The away goal scored

Tuesday Champions League Semifinal Vuelta Open Thread

Real Madrid - Bayern Munich (2-1) Balls: After last week's road win, Real are sitting pretty with the tips of their penises firmly wedged in the butthole of the Champions League Final. HOWEVAH, Bayern will have something to say about that. Last year,  these two teams met and Real also won 1-2

Your Saturday Morning Futbol Open Thread, Now with Moar EPL!

It seems every other time I've written these, I purposely exclude the EPL or talking about EPL teams.  Some people have said that I am biased against the EPL.  Those people are correct.  Let's take a look at the matchups, one by one, and see why I'm so biased. All

Your Tuesday Vuelta Champions League Quarters Preview

While it may seem that the ties are already decided, as with many things in life,  you never fucking know.  Heck,  it was only last year that Barcelona turned around a 4-0 away deficit into a 6-1 home win to advance against Paris St. Germain. Does anyone this year have a

Gravy Boat Ruins Derby Day (Also Whiny Baby German Elton John)

Oh yeah, Man City can also clinch their foregone conclusion Premiership title with a home Manchester Derby win (which would be pretty fookin' sweet for them, if not coming off a humiliating hiding in the Champions League quarters).  That will be on big NBC at 12:30, and everyone will watch. 

Your Tuesday Vuelta Champions League Open Thread

In Spanish,  whenever there are two legs in a tie,  they all always call the return leg La Vuelta.  The first leg is always La Ida. Now that your Spanish lesson is over, TO THE GAMES! *** Roma v Shakhtar Donetsk (1-2 Aggregate) Balls: The Ukrainians got the win at home but Roma got a

Your Wednesday Champions League Return Leg Open Thread

Today,  we get to know which team will join Manchester City in the next round and how many goals City will score on those poor boys from Switzerland. To the games! Manchester City v Basel Balls: If I remember correctly, we all correctly predicted that City would win and score at least 3 goals.