Your MNF Week 14 Open Thread

The parking lot was full of cars,  but everyone was already inside.  We were late. It was her company Christmas party and I really didn't want to go, but a good boyfriend does what a good boyfriend does and the reason we were late was because we'd gotten a little frisky

Lions and Bollo-Free Bears, Oh My!

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all.  Welcome to installment one of today's carnival. Chi**** (-3) at Detroit (12:30, CBS) We have replaced Bollo de la Verdad with sommet called Chase Daniel.   Yeah, I bet you did notice.  Somehow, this only moved the line 1.5 points, which I think vastly understates how key a

Another Blankety-Blank International Break JV NFL Only Open Thread

DFO overlords are glad I didn't say "fuck off, cunts" in the title.  But seriously...fuck off, cunts.  We need a full day of all varietals of footy!  Especially with this rather dire JV NFL slate.  But as usual, the world don't care what we need, especially what Hippo need. Northwestern at

Your Cowboys-TITanS MNF Open Thread

Welcome to Monday Night! In which we have the last game of the week and it happens to be a good one if you like the colour "light blue". This also works if you like teams that are stuck in the middle of the mediocrity zone that is a .500 record. Both teams

Mr. November Brings His A Game – JV NFL Open Thread

Holy shit, kids.  This slate is amazeballs.  To the point where I can't even say anything smart-ass, just want to play badass band of our times The National's epic John Kerry song: Nebraska at Ohio State (Noon, Fox) This is on national Fox...why?  This will feature some epic tOSU vengeance, for Redshirt's viewing

Can Everton Finish Off Mourinho? (and other Lesser/JV Combo Thoughts)

Yes, it's time to do to Jose Mourinho what we did to Davey Moyes (what, like 5 years ago?) and finish the walking ded off.  Everton (in 8th position on 15 points, +3 GD) only need a draw at Old Trafford to stay above Manure (10th, -1), and the Blues