Hard Ride To Seattle

The scene: Century Link field, home of the Seattle Seahawks, in the not-too-distant future. Pirate Sloth is taking his seat, and Doktor Zymm sits down next to him. She is fiddling with one of her omnipresent gadgets. Pirate Sloth: Arr, what that be, Doktor? Doktor Zymm: It ist eine Portable Unit To

Two Word Review: Chic Sandwich – Titans 2017 Preview

Last year the Titans finished 9-7, and have been generating buzz ever since. Since February, I've been reading that they're expected to win the AFC South this season. The offensive linemen became celebrities thanks to a Stanley Cup run by the Predators and catfish fetishists: Even schedule makers are complicit in

The​ ​2017​ ​Jacksonville​ ​Jaguars​ ​Team Preview:​ ​A​ ​franchise​ ​misunderestimated

  -------------------------------------------------------------------------- We begin with a simple quiz: How many of these players are still active on the jaguars roster? I’ll give you a minute to go through it.... Braden Albert Toby Gerhart Julius Thomas Luke Joeckel Maurice Jones-Drew Chris Clemons Marcus Stroud Marquis Cooper Brandon Marshall Josh Scobee Blaine Gabbert Ziggy Hood

Inferno (Or, Your 2017 Browns Preview)

O, speak to me, o Muse! Please take my mind And offer me assistance for this tale. Through you, I hope to join ven'rable kind. I tell of city not of fair, but fail, And cursed, it seemed, 'til King reclaimed his throne And for a shining moment, did prevail. With title claimed,

2017 Carolina Panthers Horrible Preview

Or should that be "2017 Horrible Carolina Panthers Preview"? Yes, that seems more apropos. Sooooooo, two years removed from almost running the regular season table, an NFC Championship and a (disappointing) Superb Owl appearance, are the Panthers going to suck again this year? Yes.  Yes they are.  And here's why... - 2015 Carolina Panthers -