World Cup Previews: England

I'm fully prepared for disappointment once again as a fan of England football; however, at least this year's edition of failure might well come with a slight dash of hope beforehand this time. The 2014 World Cup was one of the worst outings ever for the national team; a single point

Hard Ride To Seattle

The scene: Century Link field, home of the Seattle Seahawks, in the not-too-distant future. Pirate Sloth is taking his seat, and Doktor Zymm sits down next to him. She is fiddling with one of her omnipresent gadgets. Pirate Sloth: Arr, what that be, Doktor? Doktor Zymm: It ist eine Portable Unit To

Two Word Review: Chic Sandwich – Titans 2017 Preview

Last year the Titans finished 9-7, and have been generating buzz ever since. Since February, I've been reading that they're expected to win the AFC South this season. The offensive linemen became celebrities thanks to a Stanley Cup run by the Predators and catfish fetishists: Even schedule makers are complicit in

The​ ​2017​ ​Jacksonville​ ​Jaguars​ ​Team Preview:​ ​A​ ​franchise​ ​misunderestimated

  -------------------------------------------------------------------------- We begin with a simple quiz: How many of these players are still active on the jaguars roster? I’ll give you a minute to go through it.... Braden Albert Toby Gerhart Julius Thomas Luke Joeckel Maurice Jones-Drew Chris Clemons Marcus Stroud Marquis Cooper Brandon Marshall Josh Scobee Blaine Gabbert Ziggy Hood

Inferno (Or, Your 2017 Browns Preview)

O, speak to me, o Muse! Please take my mind And offer me assistance for this tale. Through you, I hope to join ven'rable kind. I tell of city not of fair, but fail, And cursed, it seemed, 'til King reclaimed his throne And for a shining moment, did prevail. With title claimed,