2018 World Cup Team Preview – Australia

This week, Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat Australian World Cup Preview! I put Tim Cahill pics up because the story of successful Australian fútbol in the last few years is the story of one Timothy Filiga Cahill.  He is Australia's highest goal scorer of all time and has led the

World Cup 2018 Team Preview: Iran (So Far)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoS8DrrlnTQ Welcome to another DFO World Cup preview. Today we'll be looking at the Iranian team. They are known as "Team Melli," which means "The National Team." They've also been called the Persian Stars, Shiran e Iran (the Iranian Lions), the Cheetahs (due to conservation efforts), or the Princes of Persia. Would

Morocco. Hell of a country, not sure about their futbollers.

Morocco! Cover photo is of the night market in Marrakech. If you love food and experiences then definitely this should be on your travel bucket list. They Moroccans are in a group with Spain, Portugal and Iran. Even though they qualified through a very tough group in Africa I cannot name