Bonus BattleBots Recap: Rumble Edition!

So they finally posted all the rumbles (the last one took a week to repost because they fucked up the sponsor stuff in post or else this would have been up in a timely manner dammit), so hell with it, let's do one last write-up! Not only that, but you

Battlebots Recap: Episode 6

Last night saw the first four matches in the Sweet Sixteen, with the second four coming next week.  Here's what you missed: Minotaur vs. Warhead Minotaur is my pick to win the whole tournament, and showed no signs of slowing down here.  Warhead was one of the oddest looking robots in the competition,

Battlebots Recap: Episode 5

Last night Battlebots pushed through the final eight matches in the Round of 32 to set things up for the Sweet Sixteen, which meant we got four full fights and four cut matches.  Here's what happened: Beta vs. Overhaul Beta is a strange bot, in that its main motion is reminiscent of

Meanwhile, in Burbank…

INT. TALK SHOW SET - DAY A pair of robots begin to materialize onto the lavishly appointed set of a talk show. The audience cheers their arrival vociferously, hooting and and hollering as the two forms solidify. 9873