Request Line: The Future

    Hey.   Hey.   Stinger.   ...   Hey.   HEY!   ...what?   Stinger? I...?   Yeah, cool, I thought that was you.   ...where?   You're in orbit, man. You remember how you got there?   I remember being on fire. I'm not on fire now. Why am I not on fire?   Ain't no oxygen in space, buddy!   How...   You got flipped out of the gravity well by Bronco. You remember now?   I...yes. I'm

Senor’s BattleBots Beat: Animal Style

Welcome back to the Beat! Last week, there were a pair of controversial decisions and neither of them were Chomp's fight. Also three robots went 0-3 crippling their chances of making the big end-of-season playoff bracket. This week, we have all sorts of crazy matchups, including my favorite-looking bot, Warhead.