Your “Possibly Nihilistic” Friday Evening Open Thread

Yep, I'm mailing this one in big time this week.  Mostly because I'm traveling and I procrastinated all week on writing it until it was too late.  I probably should have shopped it out to someone else, actually.  Meh.  Who cares? But there is no content this week other than pretty

Your “Junk In The Trunk” Friday Evening Open Thread

This week's edition is especially designed for my good friend  BallsofSteelandFury . Even though he didn't ask for this by specific request, he's getting it anyway. He's earned it. Sort of.... But this week is all about 'dat ass. - Sports Which Will Make You Feel Like An Ass 2Nite (that might mean two things) NHL San Jose

Your “If A Woman Speaks And No One Listens Her Name Is Probably Mom” Friday Evening Open Thread

It's Mother's Day Weekend. You know what that means. OK, let's just ignore that. Anywhooooo..... I was going to use the term "MILFs" in the banner title.  But then I realized that would only get us flagged as a porn site once again.  And I've done that too often and I don't want to

Your “Your Balls Are Bouncing” Friday Evening Open Thread

This week in tWBS Depresses Everyone.... My father would have turned 80 years old yesterday had he lived.  Unfortunately, he died a little over four years ago from Parkinson's Disease.  But truth be told, he had given up on life long before that and was just existing.  For over a decade. 

Your “3rd Annual Hockey Chicks” Friday Evening Open Thread

Wow, three years I've been doing this.  No wonder I feel dirty inside. Anywhoooo..... For the past few years, the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins have met in the second round of the playoffs.  Then the winner of that series has gone on to take the cup. Yeah, ummmmmmmmm.........that won't be happening this

Your “Easter Egg Hunts Prove That Your Lazy Kid CAN Actually Find Things When They Want To” Friday Evening Open Thread

It's Easter Weekend. Jesus was a pretty cool dude.  I'm not a particularly religious person, but I truly do mean that I think Jesus was pretty awesome.  I don't necessarily think he was created out of  "Divine Intervention" per se.  In fact, I think Mary might have....ummmm....never mind. But he was a

Your “My Goal Is To Be As Good A Person As My Dog Already Thinks I Am” Friday Evening Open Thread

I've got nothing much to talk about this week.  So I'm not gonna. Trust me, that's a good thing.  And you're happier this way. And in all honesty, I have been so distracted the past few weeks that I couldn't think of a theme for this week.  So this week's theme is

Your “Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want” Friday Evening Open Thread First off, just so SonOfSpam  doesn't "Dude" me incessantly tonight (he probably will anyway)...Full Disclosure.... I was not a fan of The Spice Girls' music.  Of course for a while there, one couldn't help but be exposed to it regardless of whether they wanted to be or not.  So I am

Your “What A Load Of Garbage” Friday Evening Open Thread

I love music.  All types of music.  I sometimes get made fun of for it for what I have come to call my "eclectic" tastes in music. Most other people just say my taste in music sucks sometimes.  And maybe that's true.  Meh. I especially admire good drummers.  I could watch a

Your “Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah” Friday Evening Open Thread

I'm not in a proper mood to wax philosophic currently.  And there's too much NCAA Tourney action going on so I'm distracted anyway. So no talky talk this week. OK, that's just mean.  Meh, whatever.  I get it. But it's the first weekend of March Madness.  So of course I'm doing Cheerleaders  this

Your “Hey Baby” Friday Evening Open Thread A few years ago, I knew a girl who was a singer.  Still is I guess.  Sort of. She is actually quite good, truth be told.  Or at least she could have been.  She has amazing range.  No shit. And I don't mean I knew her "biblically".  I got locked into the

Your “Colours Make Things Interesting – Part Two” Friday Evening Open Thread

I started this two weeks ago.  And as promised, we will occasionally continue to bounce back to it as the weeks pass. /sigh //deep breath (this one is gonna hurt) I once had a whirlwind romance with a girl who is a Mexican national.  At least I presume she still is. She is also a