PTO 2: The Base

The Factory Training Center - Sherman Oaks, CA - EXT, Day Four men alternate between running scripted plays and navigating neon green cones via plyometric exercises. Though the facility is otherwise empty, the intensity level of the group is high. The grunts and cheers of the men echo off the small

Your “Wednesday, July 25, 2018” Open Thread

I've been researching but I still don't totally understand how open threads are titled. So, a date stamp should be adequate? I mean, July 25th? Can I say that? Admittedly, that was forced. Anyways, we're hitting the dog days of offseason here. Still, we got Your Papa John's Presents NFL News Update

PTO 1: Intros

INT. NFLPA UNION HALL – JULY SPECIAL COMMITTEE MEETING But for the quorum of three men sitting at a long table on stage, a dilapidated auditorium sits empty of NFL players. Where typically an audible murmur would be present as union players would engage in private discussions that oscillate between topics of

Tom Brady’s PED Scandal, Part 4: Inner Circle

Two Things: First, A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes. - Mark Twain (Incorrectly) Second,  Now, the last time it even seemed worth making a unique post about Tom Brady's ongoing cheating history was way back in January 2016 after the Peyton Manning-led (but

World Cup 2018 Tunisia Preview: Not My Favorite

FIFA Rank:  14th.  So, right of the bat here, a country you may have mocked as even having a national soccer team is actually better globally than the Jets/Browns/Colts/Cardinals/Bears/Bucs/49ers are in the NFL. World Cup Group: G (along with England, Belgium, and Panama). Hey, How’d They Get Here?:  Direct from the FIFA World Cup

The Candidate

Any executives in the room? Anyone responsible for human resources, HR? How about anyone from a workplace that is always looking for good people? You know, fits in. Would be a good match for the culture. Maybe someone young? Fresh blood. New ideas, ya know? Ever try LinkedIn? It's like Facebook but for professional

War Room Conversations: Round 2

INT. ARIZONA CARDINALS WAR ROOM – DRAFT DAY 2 The Cardinals' leadership is in conversation about what moves to make with the 15th selection of the NFL Draft's second round (47th overall).  Steve Wilks: Gentlemen, while I'm as pleased as anyone about our first round decision to move up and draft Josh