Fine Dining

Bettola Bistro, 5:30 pm, March 21, 2019 Three men enter and are seated at a table in the otherwise-empty restaurant. The men convey a positive mood that suggests to the staff that the trio had just returned from a successful golf outing or a Robert Kraft-esque visit to a Northglenn strip

NFL Speakeasy Stories: Sunsets

Libertine, Downtown. 2:47 am, November 27th, 2018 Fortune Favors the Bold. Or so she had been told. But she had been told many things. She had been told that it was what was on the inside that counts. She had also been told that being an NFL wife would be a wonderful life

Orchids of Asia Day Spa Report Context

  Good Morning and thank you all for being our here today on such a chilly Boston morning. I am speaking before you this morning to share valuable insight regarding last week's allegations that my boyfriend of seven years but not father of my 10 month old child, Mr Robert Kraft, will

Tucson, Ch. 1: Why the Mark Davis of Cities May Not be the Best Choice for Mark Davis

Hello. Sebastian Blax here. As many of you may have noticed, I've been away from the NFL HOT TAEKS game for a couple months now. So, first off, large ups to LCSS for holding down Quotables for the regular season finale and through the postseason. [Hold for applause; close eyes and

2018 Bowl Sponsorship Analysis (Pre-New Years Games)

I've always said that, if you really want to know who you are, look at what products are advertised to you. Advertising is an over $200 billion per year industry and these dollars aren't just thrown around fruitlessly. No sir, modern advertisements utilize pinpoint accuracy to hit a desired customer