The Cardinals Way

Can I just say something here? It may be a minority view around this place but surely not one that I feel won't be respected: I am much more entertained by the nonsense around the NFL than I am watching the actual games. Gimmie AB's holdout drama over analysis of when statistics

Arizona Cardinals Preview (2018)

Alright, alright! So how is everyone doing today? My name Sil---bastian….Sebastian Blax and I am here today to continue [DFO]'s preview of all 32 NFL teams! Its early on in the series but we're off to a great start here including our annual treat of Fozz/BAL hate,, honest assessments about

Howdy Pardner

INT. ARIZONA CARDINALS PRESS ROOM -- DRAFT CLASS INTRODUCTORY PRESS CONFERENCE   Josh Rosen:, while I was a little emotional at the time, at the end of the day the draft is behind me. I’m excited to be in Arizona, to be a part of this organization, to be surrounded by such professionals,

War Room Conversations: Round 2

INT. ARIZONA CARDINALS WAR ROOM – DRAFT DAY 2 The Cardinals' leadership is in conversation about what moves to make with the 15th selection of the NFL Draft's second round (47th overall).  Steve Wilks: Gentlemen, while I'm as pleased as anyone about our first round decision to move up and draft Josh

Free Agency: A Sales Pitch

Steve Keim: Andrew! Andrew, welcome to Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Arizona! How are you doing? Bruce! Bruce! Come here! Bruce Arians: Oh I was just grabbing a cactus candy. Sorry about that. Keim: Bruce, I want you meet your next left tackle, Andrew Whitworth. Arians: Nice to meet you, Andy. Can I offer

Bye Week Update: Arizona Cardinals

The 2016 Arizona Cardinals enter the bye having played eight games, five of them at home. They are sitting at the midpoint of the season with three wins. Still, in a division where 12 wins would have only been a worth a 2015 wildcard birth, Birdcano sits only two games back

Birdcano: A 2016 Cardinals Preview

Last year : 11–5 (13-3), second place in NFC West Champions (Lost in Wild Card Divisional Round to 7-8-1 15-1 Carolina Panthers) Video of the post-game locker room speech is not available for embed but is on youtube here. Departures: Todd Bowles, Bay Area Troll Darnell Dockett, Larry Foote, Lyle Sendlein (March, 2015), Antonio