Your “Tomorrow Might Not Be Here For You” Thursday Evening Open Thread

Slight scratches or cuff marks...note from wife about snoring...VICTORY! NFL News: Ezekiel Elliott's appeal hearing has finally ended. Under the rules, the arbitrator has five working days to release his ruling. Pressure from both sides is coming to have it decided by Monday. Most of the comments under Schefter's tweet

Your “Maybe Everything Should Be On Tape-Delay” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Ezekiel Elliott's appeal is scheduled for August 29th. And he may have something more credible than the "crazy bitch" defence first alluded to yesterday: Texts involving using a sex tape as blackmail. Separate texts involving false accusations about domestic violence. Harold Henderson, the arbiter who also handled the

Your “Keep Yourself Alive” Open Thread

Today is July 13, which prompted this internal dialogue: LOGIC: The Hall of Fame Game is in 25 days. COMMON SENSE: We're almost there. Up top! *raises hand* EMOTIONS: *loud eye roll* Will you, uh, geniuses EVER understand that you can only live in the present. *walking away* Ess emm eich. Ess emm God