Instant Reaction to New Chicago Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy

Banner Image Via NBC Sports Yesterday, the Chicago Bears announced the hiring of erstwhile Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Matt Nagy as the 16th head coach in franchise history. GM Ryan Pace, recent recipient of a largely undeserved 2 year contract extension, worked harder than Ernie Accorsi in picking a winner

Chicago Bears 1967 Season Preview

Well, sports fans, last season was quite a disappointment for the Chicago Major League Baseball club's big brothers, as they plodded their way to a 5-7-2 record, finishing a dismal 5th place in the NFL West despite nearly scoring that magical number of 17 points per game. They even lost

Inside the Bear Den

SCENE: Two large(ish) men speak in hushed tones as the walk the rough and tumble streets of Lake Forest, Illinois. They appear prepared for a long journey, massive backpacks hugging their muscular bodies. Both carry flashlights despite the sun beaming down from its peak height. And on their hips are

Bye Bye Beary

Los Osos de Chicago entered their week 9 bye week with a DAZZLING record of 2-6, good for last place in the division and an earlier than usual bout of "should they tank the rest of the season or not" debate. Just like last year, this team is TERRIBLE without

Soldier Field Field Report

As as with most things in life, I'm tardy in bringing this to you. But last week I went to the Bears-Lions game with Lady BFC (not sure that name is gonna work for her), my sister, and a buddy from elementary school. No, not an eight year old, dude,

To Bear Down or Not To Bear Down

That is the question. At the risk of stating the obvious, football is awesome. The hitting, the strategy, the fresh grass underfoot as your team of choice takes the field in that late summer warmth--they all fill you with excitement, anticipation, and joy. Yet there is a key ingredient required to

NFL Heroes

As we all know, getting old sucks. You have to pay bills, everything randomly hurts, it takes longer both to get drunk and to recover from the previous night's (or weekend's) drunkenness, and you no longer have that wonderful naiveté that comes with youth. That sense of bright eyed wonder

Turkeynacht Finale Game Thread

There are only so many corpses to roll out from the NFC East, so some must be saved for Sunday. Thusly, you will be treated to... Bears @ Packers (8:30, NBC) Though this may have "third shitshow of the day when one is already sleepy from teh turkey" written all over