World Gawne Mad – Thursday Evening Opening Round Session

Hopefully, you were able to stick it to the man and enjoy the first eight matches.  Regardless, here are eight more for your gluttonous consumption. #16(E) Radford (+22.5, N/A) v. #1(E) Villanova (6:50, TNT) The Highlanders outlasted my Blackbirds on Tuesday night, but that and $3 will get you a cup of

Saturday Morning Lesser Footy and JV Hoopsball Morning Thread.

Morning commentists. It is one of Hippo's substitutes here for the futbol and college basketball analysis. This in depth analysis is from someone who enjoys it purely for gambling purposes but then again that is probably true for most sporting events. I bet on a Brazilian basketball game the other

Your Wednesday Champions League Return Leg Open Thread

Today,  we get to know which team will join Manchester City in the next round and how many goals City will score on those poor boys from Switzerland. To the games! Manchester City v Basel Balls: If I remember correctly, we all correctly predicted that City would win and score at least 3 goals. 

Second Leg Champions League Thread: Liverpool-Porto / PSG-RealMadrid

Such was the welcome given in Paris to Real Madrid, by ultras of their opponent: Paris Saint-Germain. Their name is Collectif ultra Paris, which is not a watch co-operative, but angries who break out the flares and shout “Puta Madrid!” over and over and over. They’ll be at the stadium:

Champions League Lesser Footy: Hump Day Edition Roundtable

Happy Hump Day everyone! Listen to her "singing" here. I can't imagine how she could have butchered the National Anthem We have a special edition of Champions League lesser footy today. England's lesser footy equivalent of the P*triots, Manchester United, play Sevilla. Oh, there's so many reasons to hate these crumpet eating

tWBS’ Contributions to Thee Superb Owl LII Champions….De Nada, Philly

"The best $600 I ever spent" Those are my own words.  I said them last night just before the final whistle of the Eagles' victory in Superb Owl LII. Oh sorry...just before the final whistle of the P*ts defeat.  Meh...Potato, Potahto. But you all better realize I bought that victory for Philly.  They

Your “Whose Bright Idea Was It To Leave tWBS In Charge?” Saturday Evening Open Thread

BeerGuyRob's.  That's who (Whose?  Whom?  Whut?). Yep, BeerBoyBobby is a selfish bastard.  He decided he'd rather pawn off his responsibilities tonight.  Just to go watch wrasslin'. I mean whut's up with this, Canadia????? But OK.  Fine.  I get it.  Trim and fit bodies in tights.  And a little sweaty.  And slapping up against