Russia 2018–World Cup Day 3: Father’s Day Edition

Feliz Dia del Padre everyone! Unlike in North America where Father’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June, most Latin American countries celebrate Father’s Day on June 17th. Yes, no matter what day it is, as long as it is the 17th of June, it’s Father’s Day. Short story: Long

World Cup 2018 Japan Preview: A Monstrous Mess

Japan is a really cool country that everyone should visit in their lifetime because it has just about everything a person can ask for. It's an ancient culture that is on the cutting age of technology. And they have a ton of weird shit--including sea creatures that eat from their ass.

World Cup 2018 Panama Preview: The Dirtiest Players in the Game

Panama is an interesting team (on paper) because their World Cup tournament could go one of two ways. The first way is what most people are predicting: the oldest and arguably least talented squad in the tournament is going to finish last and will be lucky to score a goal.

World Cup 2018 South Korea Preview: So you’re saying there’s a chance

*Scene opens to a pitch black room. All you can see is black and the sounds of an older man grunting* Old Man breathing heavily: Oh yeah, that little black dress is getting a little uncomfortable. Take it off, baby. *The sound of pumping Vaseline can be heard* OM: Oh yeah, almost there,

World Cup 2018 Costa Rica Preview: Mangoes FOAR All!

Costa Rica is a delightful Central American nation.  Friendly people, tropical weather without the bullshit Carnival Cruise tourismo atmosphere to trigger the shit out of one's white guilt.  I thoroughly enjoyed my Divorcemas trip there several years ago.  They have a saying for how the peoples live - "la pura

World Cup 2018 Brazil Preview: The Redeem Team

Brazil is a scary, scary team. In the 2014 World Cup, Brazil was in an awkward transition stage where the lost/disgraceful generation of Brazilian players stepped down for the new era of players to take over. Most notably, despite being 22 years old, Brazil became Neymar’s team. This in itself

World Cup 2018 Croatia Preview: It feels a little like ’98

It seems like yesterday when I was a kid watching Croatia make their World Cup debut in 1998. I remember thinking their checkered jerseys were cool. Combine those sweet uniforms with Davor Šuker's cheeky skills and I was rooting for Croatia during their magical 3rd place finish. I think there is a great

Your “I Think Baseball Is A Gateway Drug” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: OOOHHH - BEEF! Pete Carroll had things to say about Richard Sherman & Michael Bennett having things to say on their way out of the Emerald City. The money quote from the interview is Carroll claiming "sometimes guys can't hang with what's expected." Oh, and about any malcontents? "And

World Gawne Mad – Final Four Holy Night Edition

Above is pictured the first-edition cover of a fantastic book, Walter Miller, Jr.'s "A Canticle For Liebowitz."  Be warned, even I found it a tad dark (and square on the nose social commentary, which made it all the more chilling).  But one will also feel like a Jesuit-by-osmosis afterwards, which

World Gawne Mad – Finishing Off the Flacco Eight (Stormy Style?)

Yes, the only good thing about the late match is the thought of Jim Assdick Nantz being forced to hype that 60 Minutes interview.  Hee hee. #3(E) Texas Tech (+6.5, +250) v. #1(E) Villanova (2:20, CBS) Woo-hoo, I got my $40 in on Guns Up!! at +260, don't be too jelly.  Our