Your “I Think Baseball Is A Gateway Drug” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: OOOHHH - BEEF! Pete Carroll had things to say about Richard Sherman & Michael Bennett having things to say on their way out of the Emerald City. The money quote from the interview is Carroll claiming "sometimes guys can't hang with what's expected." Oh, and about any malcontents? "And

World Gawne Mad – Final Four Holy Night Edition

Above is pictured the first-edition cover of a fantastic book, Walter Miller, Jr.'s "A Canticle For Liebowitz."  Be warned, even I found it a tad dark (and square on the nose social commentary, which made it all the more chilling).  But one will also feel like a Jesuit-by-osmosis afterwards, which

World Gawne Mad – Finishing Off the Flacco Eight (Stormy Style?)

Yes, the only good thing about the late match is the thought of Jim Assdick Nantz being forced to hype that 60 Minutes interview.  Hee hee. #3(E) Texas Tech (+6.5, +250) v. #1(E) Villanova (2:20, CBS) Woo-hoo, I got my $40 in on Guns Up!! at +260, don't be too jelly.  Our

World Gawne Mad – Flacco Eight Saturday Open Thread

One MOAR enjoyable day/evening at hand, before the bullshit part takes over.  Savour it! #11(S) Loyola-Chi**** (+1, -103) v. #9(S) Kansas State (6:09, TBS) Not to belittle Sister Jean's amazing ride in the least, but one can argue - with a straight face - that the Ramblers have faced a series of increasingly

World Gawne Mad – Sweet Sixteen Thursday Open Thread

And then there were 16.  Including the 4 repping the wack-a-doo South region, which gets they turn tonite! #11(S) Loyola-Chi**** (+1.5, +110) v. #7(S) Nevada (7:07, CBS) The matchup nobody predicted, largely due to the Wolf Pack (like the vibe, hate the spelling).  NV went down 14 to Texas, fucking 22 to

World Gawne Mad – Saturday Round of 32 Nighty Night Open Thread

Time to get all liquored/pilled up and go back into heavy channel flip mode.  Talk about timing, huh? #8(MW) Seton Hall (+4.5, +175) v. #1(MW) Kansas (7:10, TBS) Whoa, what up with this line? HIPPO SMELL TRAP.  This game is in the state of fucking Kansas, remember.  Yeah, I know The Hall beat