Your “Paraskevidekatriaphobia” Friday Evening Open Thread I don't believe in luck, good or bad.  I do believe in chance and random occurrences, however.  I also believe that our actions, or in some cases our REactions, will determine, or at least influence, certain outcomes.  Life happens. Example #1 (bad): When I was a kid, a friend of mine's brother

AFL Beat – 2018 Round 16

This week, Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! Round 16 Highlights The Round started off with my Geelong Cats traveling to Sydney to take on the Swans. I woke up early for this one as there were no World Cup games on and I had to go to work. Luckily,  the Swans have

Friday Open – The King is Dead, Long Live The King

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is Balls. tWBS is... out.  So,  i'm taking over tonight's Sexy Friday thread and ... I've got some bad news . . . . . . This is your last Sexy Friday. For some of you, that's not a problem.  Truth be told,  Sexy Friday had gotten to be a pain for tWBS to write

“It’s going to be an odd week” Monday evening open thread.

Hey folks! Happy Monday evening! This has potential to be a really strange week. I'm working Monday and Tuesday, off on Wednesday for the 4th then working Thursday and Friday. Who the fuck schedules a holiday in the middle of the week? Work will be slow, I think, since the folks who had the

AFL Beat 2018 Round 15

This week, we are going to do an abbreviated run-through because it's World Cup and things are getting very interesting in Russia. Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! Round 15 Highlights Let’s take a look at the ladder, shall we? P TEAM W L T POINTS % 1 Richmond Tigers 11 3 0 44 135.3 2 Collingwood Magpies 10 4 0 40 121.9 3 West Coast Eagles 10 4 0 40 121.0 4 Sydney Swans 10 4 0 40 120.8 5 Port Adelaide Power 10 4 0 40 115.0 6 GWS Giants 8 5 1 34 113.7 7 Melbourne Demons 8 6 0 32 124.4 8 Geelong Cats 8 6 0 32 123.2 9 North Melbourne Kangaroos 8 6 0 32 113.4 10 Hawthorn

I’m surrounded by Lakers fans: Saturday Evening Open Thread.

  banner image courtesy of.   Happy Saturday everyone! Hope it's been a good day for everyone and you were as productive/lazy/shit-all drunk as you hoped to be. I know this is a loung weekend for our Canadian friends which also explains why I am filling in for your regular host Absinthe-Fellow-Rigoberto. Does anyone know why

AFL Beat 2018 Round 14

This week, while we were all watching the Germany-Sweden game in the World Cup, TWBS brought up a very good point about the timing of the game.  Essentially, the fútbol game ended after 97 minutes when the ref had previously only given 5 additional minutes after the standard 90.  Yes,

TGISF … Solstice, Schmolstice OK, here's the deal... This week's theme was predetermined a while ago.  The calendar does what it does, I don't control it.  And days ago, I began thinking through what I wanted to say this week to try to make you idiots laugh.  Because I think I'm funny even if you

2018 World Cup Thursday Open Thread

I for one have loved this ridiculous tournament so far. I always go through a bit of withdrawal after the second round of games as we only get 2 start times next week with four games. Seriously, quit trying to have sportsmanship FIFA you are as crooked as a dog's

AFL Beat – 2018 Round 13

This week, Seriously though,  the AFL did continue playing through the World Cup.  And stuff happened! Let's get to it! Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! Round 13 The Round started,  awkwardly for those that didn't read the AFL Beats on Monday and Tuesday,  on Australian Thursday Night which meant Wednesday night/ Thursday

WTF Time Is It World Cup Open Thread

It is 2:30 AM Pacific as this post goes up. Yes,  I'm awake.  Hawthorn and Adelaide are about to have the First Bounce and in about 30 minutes,  France will face Australia in their World Cup debuts. There will be three more games back to back to back. Also this: What can we