Is Bad NFL better than No NFL?

As I write this, we are in the Saturday before Week 8 of the 2016 Regular Season.  We started out with the treat that was the high-chroma matchup of Thursday Night Turdball poster children, the Jaguras and Titans.  Luckily for Bortles and Jaymes aficionados/fantasy football owners, the Garbage Time King did

MLB Game Day Experience: A Boots on the Ground Special. NLCS Game 4 Cubs at Dodgers.

While I am fully aware that we are mid NFL season and directly in the midst of massive football related content, I felt compelled, nay REQUIRED to make a trip to Dodger Stadium to witness in person Game 4 of the NLCS championship series. Some of you may be very

Hillary Clinton Gets a New Mock Debate Partner

INT. OFFICE - HILLARY CLINTON’S CAMPAIGN OFFICE HEADQUARTERS, BROOKLYN - DAY ROBBY MOOK: ...and so that puts us at a 94% chance of winning the election and Obama's dream of turning the United States into a gay Muslim caliphate is one step closer. HILLARY CLINTON: I like it! MOOK: That said, I think it's now

Colin Kaepernick Makes A Tough Decision

2 WEEKS AGO - INTERIOR - COLIN KAEPERNICK'S BAY AREA HOME [COLIN KAEPERNICK is on the phone with his AGENT and is clearly very upset] KAEPERNICK: Absolutely not! I won't do it! AGENT: But Colin, if you don't, he'll cut you from the team. He's been trying to since day one! And you know how

Getting to Know the New Dallas Quarterback.

*Banner photo courtesy of Getty Images [interior new Dallas Cowboys practice facility with OC Scott Linehan and HC Jason Garrett] JG: "Hey Scott!" SL: "Howdy Jason." JG: "Gonna be a hell of a ride this year, are you ready for it?" SL: "You betcha! Ya know, this year just feels different. We've had to deal

Minnesota Vikings Preview: Coach Zimmer Addresses the Team.

[interior US Bank Stadium coaches office. Inside Coach Zimmer is tirelessly studying game film of the Tennessee Titans] /knock on door [door flies open] Zygi Wilf: "Yo Zimmy! How the hell are yez? Gettin' the boys ready for another fuckin' season over heah?" Coach Zimmer: "You know I am Zygi! I've got big plans

Hillary Clinton Gets a New Campaign Adviser

[BROOKLYN, NEW YORK: HILLARY CLINTON'S CAMPAIGN OFFICE HEADQUARTERS] ROBBY MOOK: ...and that's why I'm no longer allowed at the Costco on 118th Street. But enough about my day off! As your Campaign Manager, I want to be the first to congratulate you on officially being declared the presumptive nominee! HILLARY CLINTON: Thank you,

Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat – Midweek Special!

I know you're disappointed that, for travel-related reasons, your weekly dose of AFL Beat will be delayed. In an effort to tide you over, I offer this little analysis I did in which I asked the question:  What if the NFL used the AFL system to determine playoff seedings? I compiled the