The Dak Prescott Summer of Maturity: Chapter 2

EXT. A ROADSIDE IN RURAL NEW JERSEY - DAY CAM NEWTON, ELI MANNING, DOUG MARTIN, and ANTONIO BROWN stand glumly in front of the wreckage of a black pickup truck. CAM: Okay, so maybe we can't drive... ANTONIO: Maybe we can call an Uber? CAM: None of those asshole drivers will accept a pickup from

The Dak Prescott Summer of Maturity: Chapter 1

EXT. RURAL SURROUNDINGS - DAY We open with a wide shot of a vehicle parked at the edge of a field.  An orchestral version of a familiar song plays softly.  Cut to a closer shot of the vehicle, then another cut to its interior where we see the NARRATOR (Richard Dreyfus,

NFL Speakeasy Stories: History Repeating

Wilson & Wilson, The Tenderloin. 2:47 am, September 30, 2015. A man sits alone in the center booth of the bar-within-a-bar, waiting patiently for his appointment. From the Bayou to the Bay, it had been less that 17 hours since his colleague (well, former colleague these days, he supposed) called and asked that