A Tradition Like Any Other: Augusta National Can F*** Right Off

Here's a secret: I despise the dipshits who run Augusta National Golf Club. Glad-handing, misogynist dickheads who use the ideas of "tradition" and "the old ways" to actively make their golf tournament as white as possible. IT'S A GOLF TOURNAMENT YOU FUCKING FUCKS. Fuck these people with Satan's chainsaw wang. Yeah,

Your 2018 US Open Day 1 Preview and All-Day Thread to Waste Time at Work and Avoid Your Family!

This United States Open. Golf's greatest test; it is my favorite tournament in golf, which makes it one of my top-three and a half sporting events of the year (NCAA Basketball Tournament, NHL Playoffs, and/or NFL Playoffs/WVU made a major bowl game). What makes the US Open truly "Open" is that

DFO Radio: Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden

INT. LAKE TAHOE HOTEL - LATE NIGHT. A hulking young man walks with a young woman down a hotel hallway.  THE BEN: ...FIVE FOOT GIMME. STORMY DANIELS: Ha ha, more like five inch gimme. THE BEN: SO...BRETT FAVRE? STORMY DANIELS: [giggles] Like a kid down there!  Ha ha, no, nothing like that. THE BEN: [taken aback] VISANTHE SHIANCOE? STORMY