TGISF… aka “Taste The Rainbow” Sexy Friday Open Thread Roy G Biv was a smart sumbitch.  If you didn't take physics in school, you have no idea what that means probably. Foreshadowing?  Yes.  But we'll get to that, I promise.  First, some final business.... - Sexy Friday has been on a bit of a non-hiatus-hiatus, in a manner of speaking, for the

Your “Multiple Games = Multiple Disappointments” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: The pre-season schedule begins in earnest tonight, with 7 games, "highlighted" by a game of musical QB chairs in Chicago between the Bears & Broncos. Elway could come out of the box & be as effective. Hell - mid-stroke Kubiak would be better than most of what we'll

Your “How Many Starters Can You Name?” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Jay Cutler wasted no time putting his scent all over the Hard Rock Stadium litter box by purchasing the #6 from previous owner Brandon Doughty. Terms weren't disclosed, but amongst teammates I'm guessing Doughty won't be paying for meal upgrades above the per diem on the road this

Your “Why Can’t I Quit You?!” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: Branden Albert now wants to unretire & play for the Jags. News he might have to repay a $3.4 million signing bonus will do that to a fella. Jags management instead are keeping him on the "reserve/retired" list, having moved him over from the more vague "left team"

Your “Title Abridged Due To Holiday Day-Drinking” Canadian Holiday Monday Open Thread

  I don't really have anything to add. There's no "NFL Notes" today. I put this post together in spurts over the weekend, because it's a holiday and I didn't feel like putting in much effort, like Mark Sanchez. I did put more effort into crushing beers, like Matt Leinart. But I

Your “I’m Up and Down and In Between” Saturday Evening Open Thread

(pic via) It's Day 1 of the three-day weekend here in Vancouver. The skies are still really smoky due to the fires up north & the winds dragging the smoke down to the coast. The air tastes like a brush fire, and the cruise ships full of seniors on their way

TGISF…aka “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” Sexy Friday Open Thread

No, I'm not planning on linking that song.  You're welcome. But I am linking this one (and a bunch of others you'll probably hate...sorry, not sorry) - So what should we talk about?  Nothing?  I couldn't agree more.  The less I talk the better.  I'm confident you agree. Here, have another coupla songs about

Your “24 Hours to the Most Anticipated Exhibition Game Of The Year!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Injuries: The Rams defence has suffered another fatal blow for this season: Dominique Easley has torn an ACL & is out for all of 2017. It's his third; he had two in college. In his four-year career, 2016 was the only year he didn't finish the season on

Your “Meanwhile, Back At The Legion of Boom…” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: Kam Chancellor agreed to a three-year extension. Three years, $36 million - with $25 million guaranteed. Look forward to Seattle in 2017 having a great defence, and Russell Wilson having to run for his life because they can only afford tackling dummies on the O-line. Injuries have forced