Your “One Step Away From An Open Casting Call” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: When you see quotes about "bucks stopping with him", you know without looking someone asked Jerry Jones about his coaches.  "Disappointed is not the word. There’s no question that we were given an opportunity, there were things we could have taken advantage of," Jones said. It doesn't help

Your Sunday Night Football Open Thread

Of course it was all over the local papers and even made the regional news broadcast. When things go right there's never much fuss because there are no witnesses, or the family are out-of-towners (if there are any) or the body is discovered much later. A corpse isn't news-worthy. But

Your “Get Off My Back!” Saturday Evening Open Thread

Some might say I'm an hour late. I might say I got invited to an all-day college football drinking party, so kiss my arse. Really - it's 50/50 as to who is at fault for why this post is on time versus an hour early like I regularly schedule it.

Uneventful November Days – Sabado Open Thread

Few things make me feel my age MOAR than counting the years between "Mellow Gold" (which every fuckhead, yours included, owned) and his recent career renaissance.  This is his latest earworm, which I like very much: And with waaaayyyyy too many JV NFL sides picking up on the SEC "play a

Your “Colours Make Things Interesting – Part Three” Friday Evening Open Thread

I bet you thought I'd forgotten about this little series.  Well, "series" might be pushing it considering that this is only the third installment and it's been nearly a year since the first and second installments.  And considering it's been that long you, dear reader, have probably forgotten anyway. But it's

Your “What Are The Odds?!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Mason Rudolph finally took some responsibility for his involvement in last Thursday's excitement against Cleveland. In doing so, the league rewarded him with an undisclosed fine. I'm sure Myles Garrett, who is at league HQ today appealing his season-ending suspension, really appreciates the quid pro quo from the

Your “Oh God – It Won’t Stop!” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

I had to call in sick for school today. It's not that I can't keep anything down, it's that I can't keep anything in. Bear with me while I type this in a Tylenol haze. Plain rice for me! NFL Nuggets: Now ex-Dolphins RB Mark Walton was cut today after he