Your “Check To See Who Poured Your Nog” Saturday Evening Open Thread Some of Montalbán's finest, non-Khan work. If people turn on "Fairytale of New York", then I ... oh goddammit! Tonight's sports: NHL: Leafs at Bruins - 7:00PM | CBC / Sportsnet (seriously, both? FUCK THE LEAFS!) Pens at Sens - 7:00PM | Sportsnet360 / City Predatros at Flames - 10:00PM | CBC

Your Saturday Morning Lesser Footy thread: Jose’s last stand?

Good morning! Your favorite fifth stringer, Tom Tupa Wakezilla, is filling in for Don T, Hippo, Balls and Litre this morning. I’m not sure why Don T is out, but he was screaming something about La Llorona. I couldn’t exactly hear Hippo’s excuse because someone was pounding on his front door.

Your “Let’s Get Stuffed” Friday Evening Open Thread

I've been in a weird mood lately.  Lotsa reasons for that, I suppose.  No need to go into all of them.  Or even any of them, actually. But my point is that this week's theme is well....ummmm.... Weird.... I have no idea why the idea for this week's theme popped into my head

Your “I Hear Vinny Testaverde Ain’t Busy” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Well, let's look at the Green Bay rumour mill: Bruce Arians - not interested. A disappointment to those in rural Wisconsin looking forward to possible Arian supremacy. Josh McDaniels - flattered to be considered, but not interested. According to Robert Kraft, who's not going through that again. Jim

Your “Oh God, That’s Hilarious” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The headline really buries the lede: Jay Gruden: We didn't have many plays for Mark Sanchez Nowhere in the story does it point out that it was Jay Gruden who chose to have Mark Sanchez on his active roster. As noted by the master himself:  "Well, we had

Your [checks with Brick] “Mid-Morning, Maybe Early Afternoon, Late Autumn-ish, at the very least” Open Thread Featuring Football

Can we just all agree to disagree and pretend as though it wasn't important yet silently grumble to ourselves about 'that guy'? It's The Passive-Aggressive Way! Let's wander once more into the britches. TO THE GAMES! Jets/Titans: Tenny had plans to ram the ball right down its opponents throats all year long but