Your “When You’ve Squandered All You’ve Earned” Saturday Evening Open Thread So, I think I have the mood of the Commentists correct when I say that the only thing we hope for from today's Conference title games is that Alabama gets kept out of the playoff, right? I forget who brought up Bamafreude last week & its relation to Patriots schadenfreude,

TGISF… AKA “Are Ya Feelin’ Lucky, Punk?” Sexy Friday Open Thread

Note:  While I wasn't paying attention, BallsofSteel once again invaded my personal space.  At least this time I didn't need antibiotics afterwards. But I digress... In all seriousness, I've got a busy week, including packing for and going to Vegas.  Balls has been kind enough to "volunteer" to contribute his vast and

Your “What’s On Is What’s On” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: As was noted last night, and expertly analyzed this morning, Aqib Talib & Michael Crabtree were both suspended two games for their fracas on Sunday. pending appeal, of course The Seahawks received a scheduling gift at the expense of the Cowboys, as their Week-14 game in Jacksonville has

Your “Card Subject To Change” Monday Night Football Open Thread

NFL News: Pete Carroll confirmed what most of us already knew: Kam Chancellor is not returning in 2017. The neck injury is just too bad. Mike McCarthy defended Mason Crosby's attempted record of a field goal attempt, a decision which help the Steelers get back into the game Sunday night.

Your “I’m A Juvenile Product of the Working Class” Saturday Evening Open Thread So, I'm guessing Black Friday & Cyber Monday really brings out the Russian bots. I've deleted over 150 in the last three days. Most are easy to spot - the spoofed names end with "-pycle", or have emails ending in ".ru" - but there's always a few that you want