Your “Listen Children, All Is Not Lost” Saturday Evening Open Thread Some days, you just don't give two shits & just want to hear a happy song. This is one of those days. Besides, I'm not going to sit here and let you badmouth the United States of America. Tonight's sports: NHL: Leafs at Capitals - 7:00PM | CBC / NHLN Canucks

Your “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You” Friday Evening Open Thread

I've been away for a coupla weeks.  Yet I still really don't know what to talk about this week. I'm writing this early because there's another hurricane 'gon roll up this way. And I fully expect to lose electricity, internet and phone.  Again.  The last of which might be a blessing, actually. I

Your “Stare Into The Abyss That Is The NFC East” Thursday Night NFL Football Open Thread

God is dead. So why not watch a bit of the old football? It's not like I'm going to judge you. -Friedrich "The Funky Philologist" Nietzsche   These two wet, stinking dogs are gonna give us many reasons to laugh and joke and cry (that'd be me, mostly). TO THE GAME! Schmeagles/Jizzants: Both these squadoos

Your “It’s An Image, Not A Homage” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: It's still a few weeks to the October 30th deadline, but who cares about facts? Trade rumours! Shady to the Eagles. Cardinals LB Deone Bucannon to the Eagles. A bitter former employee is accusing Shad Khan of trying to have London, and specifically Wembley, be the permanent Jaguars home

Your “No Longer The Most Embarrassing Moment In Team History” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Family patriarch & chief enabler Alex Spanos died Tuesday morning, aged 95. Disappointed in the man his son had become, Alex Spanos leaves behind three other, hopefully less embarrassing, children, and a whole litter of grand- & great grandchildren. Two of his grandsons look after the day-to-day operations

Your “The Second Best Pot I’ve Ever Owned” Monday Midday Open Thread

Since many of us have a holiday today, I was sort of bored.  So I decided to cook some good stuff. This is my Instant Pot™.... There are many like it, but this one is mine. I've used the hell outta this thing since I got it a coupla weeks ago.  Maryland Crab

Your Pride of Texas SNF Open Thread

Back when I was a wee lil Balls, one of the first songs I learned in English was this one: The second was probably this one: Even though I was a wee lil Steelers fan back then,  I really liked the Houston Oilers and Earl Campbell and Dan Pastorini. Those were some

Your “There Is Only One Game Today” Sunday Morning/Early Afternoon Multi-Purpose Post

Much like any Giants fan I'll be obligated to watch their eventual embarrassing demise vs. Carolina. But like many folks that like football in and of itself, the Jags/Chiefs game is must-eyeball TV. Also, we've got some pre-NFL appetizers on in the form of EPL action. TO THE GAMES! Den/NYJ: This is