Your “At Least The Clown Shows No Longer Involve This Clown” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: Antonio Brown has now decided to stop taking runs at BIG BEN and instead is now bravely aiming his Twitter cannon at Juju Smith-Schuster. Going so far as to blame Juju for the reason the Steelers "fumbled away" their chance at the playoffs in Week 16 against the Saints.

Your “Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want” Friday Evening Open Thread First off, just so SonOfSpam  doesn't "Dude" me incessantly tonight (he probably will anyway)...Full Disclosure.... I was not a fan of The Spice Girls' music.  Of course for a while there, one couldn't help but be exposed to it regardless of whether they wanted to be or not.  So I am

Your “First You Get The Money…” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: One rumour is that the Seahawks will tie Russell Wilson's next salary contract to the annual percentage increase in the salary cap. There are advantages for both sides: It guarantees Wilson will stay in the upper echelon of QB salaries. It allows the Seahawks stability in knowing how

Your “I GOT THINGS TO SAY!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Mike McCarthy has OPINIONS about how the Packers treated him, and went deep with ESPN. Here are my pull quotes:   He "did not see it coming" after the Arizona loss, or did he hear any of the boo-birds that preceded the game. "It's clear to me now that

Your “Slow News Day” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The AAF, as expected, has "suspended operations". It was expected to cost Tom Dundon - owner of the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes - about $20 million to finish the season & four-team playoffs. I guess you don't get rich subscribing to the "sunk cost fallacy". Deadspin speculates that the

Your “The Master’s A Bastard” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: The AAF might die as early as tomorrow.   It comes down to the league wanting to use bottom-roster NFL players, but needs an agreement with the NFL, who needs agreement from the NFLPA to allow such a deal to go forward. Forbes is on board, writing a pressure-piece

Your 2019 Banner Tournament Championship and Flacco Eight Saturday Evening Open Thread

We got a big one going tonight, so let's get started. We'll start off with the lesser important stuff. NCAA Tournament Action: It's the Flacco Eight! Winners move to the Wrongly-Named Four. West Regional Final: #1 Gonzaga vs. #3 Texas Tech (6:09 Eastern, TBS) South Regional Final: #1 Virginia vs. #3 Purdue (8:49 Eastern,