A “You Never Seen Such Scufflin'” Saturday Evening Open thread

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1QfXQakX2w There's nothing to talk about. It's all Olympics or GAMBLOR! The men's snowslopes final is tonight. There are four Canadians among the 12 qualifiers. Also, there's three Norwegians.   WAR'S ON, BABY! Tonight's sports: Olympics: NBCSN: 7:00PM - Figure Skating: Olympic Ice, Snowboarding 9:45PM - Curling (Mixed Doubles): U.S. vs. Finland, Snowboarding 1:30AM - Curling

TGISF…Let The Games Begin!!!! (errrrrr…continue, I guess?)

Because I miscalculated the interest you weirdos would have in the Winter Olympics, this week's TGISF theme was originally supposed to be a "by request" theme for one of our good peeps, with only some brief mentioning of the Olympic goings on.  But you guys obviously zigged when I thought

Your “No One Likes Us; We Don’t Care” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: So, the market cap is now set at 5 years, $137 million, with $74 million guaranteed. I don't know who they're going to have in front of him, though. Meanwhile, Tom Brady is turning 41, and his backup is Brian Hoyer. Maybe they can turn that second-round pick

Your Tuesday “There’s No Early Kontent Scheduled So I’m Doing This” Daytime Open Thread

The post-season hangover, both literal and figurative, continues. This post is not meant to be "good", per se.  No Pulitzer nominees are in danger, let's say it that way.  But as we shift to the off-season, we might need to talk about it. P*ts fans specifically, I know you're disappointed.  But get

Your Monday Evening Patriots Schadenfreude Open Thread

NFL News: The Eagles parade is set for Thursday. It might actually be worth a liveblog. 11:00AM eastern, so someone in the Eastern time zone will have to take care of that. https://twitter.com/PHLschools/status/960612288444141568 Most talk this morning was focused on where the hell Malcolm Butler was during the game. “I respect

LAST CALL! Pats – Iggles #SB52 Open Thread

Well well… WELL. This being a Sunday afternoon, Hate Week is no more. Via reactiongifs.us And yet, the Patriots are in the Super Bowl, again. No. 1 seed in the AFC against the Iggles, No. 1 seed in the NFC. Philadelphia is riding a weekend high, after the Hall of Fame selection

Your Early “Talk About Whatever You Want To” Pre-Pre-Superb Owl Sunday Open Thread

There's going to be a lot of hours of annoying pre-game today.  You'll want to murder yoself before a ball is finally kicked.  Trust me.  Today isn't about Footedballzing.  You all already know that.  It's about folks who haven't watched a game all year suddenly becoming fans on the last

Someone Had To Do It (Again)- A DFO Hate Week Patriots Super Bowl Preview & Open Thread

Welcome to the final entry in the Second Annual DFO Hate Week, brought to you by Drew Magary's Minnesota upbringing, Bush's Baked Beans, and the Arkansas Food Hall of Fame. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4Y3vzOPswc They are announcing the Football Hall of Fame Enshrinees tonight, so have at that in the comments. As a reminder, the

Your “Wait, there’s no football today?” Saturday Morning Soccer Open Thread

As sad as it may seem,  there is only one game left in the NFL season and it is not today.  It's time to get used to life without the NFL. All is good, of course, because we not only have AFLW and AFL to look forward to but we still

TGISF…A Mixed Bag of Hate

Yep, it's still Hate Week.  And we'll get to that, I promise. But first.... - This Week's Weirdness Update Remember last week?  When I told you what a weird week it had been here at DFO?  Wow, boy did I shoot too early or what???? (Shut up BallsofSteelandFury) But seriously, the weirdness around here lately?  Holee