Your “Whaddya Mean It’s Not Human?” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Julian Edelman is apologizing for his failed test, but no one is certain what he tested positive for. The League is having the sample retested, as the positive came as a result of a substance that wasn’t immediately recognizable, and there are scientists analyzing it. Meanwhile, he can

World Cup 2018 Japan Preview: A Monstrous Mess

Japan is a really cool country that everyone should visit in their lifetime because it has just about everything a person can ask for. It's an ancient culture that is on the cutting age of technology. And they have a ton of weird shit--including sea creatures that eat from their ass.

Your “But Baby, You Didn’t Even Try” Sunday Evening Open Thread A busy week coming up for yours truly. The penultimate week of my regular school program, so kids are getting all their work in ahead of finals, and the course I'm teaching at night because the district ran out of subs starts their novel. I chose "Of Mice & Men"

Your “Score What [You] Need And Go Pick A Girl Up” Saturday Evening Open Thread By the time this post comes live, they'll be into hour 3 of the Belmont pre-race coverage. So there'll be plenty of time to still get your bets in. HAIL GAMBLOR! Tonight's sports: Horse racing: The Belmont - 4:00PM | NBC AHL: 2018 Calder Cup Finals: Marlies vs. Stars - Game

TGISF… Whose Side Are You On, Anyway?

Recently, while on the beach, I spied a group of a half dozen or so lovely young ladies.  Shut up, I said "spied", not "stalked". Nonetheless, there they were right before me.  I couldn't exactly not look.  Some were swimming, some were sunning.  They seemed to be having a nice time. 

Your “It Just Meant ‘Day'” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Carson Wentz has been cleared for 7-on-7 work at Eagles camp. He's still in a non-contact role, but the Eagles are confident that he's showing good progress to be ready for Week 1. No word on how he's recovering from the VICIOUS BURN handed the Eagles organization by

Your “A Small Man Trying To Embiggen Himself” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Crybaby-in-chief President Trump "disinvited" the Eagles from the White House and instead will hold a perfectly cromulent "Celebration of America, which will certainly embiggen the smallest man. Fewer than 10 players were expected to show up, and none of them black. On the heels of the disinvitation, American

Your “What Is Truth?” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: LOL Browns! reports LB Mychal Kendricks has signed a one-year contract with the Browns. PFT reports Mychal Kendricks has not signed a one-year contract with the Browns. And Kendricks himself has this to say: Zach Miller, he of the "OH GOD...NO!! **barfs**" knee injury, has been re-signed

Your “The Ultraviolet Light Hurts Me So” Saturday Evening Open Thread Woo-hoo! June, baby. One more month of school until summer vacation for us teaching types! I got plans. BIG PLANS! (Will actually accomplish nothing over the summer.) Tonight's sports: NHL: vegas at Washington - 8:00PM | NBCSN / CBC MLB: regional coverage includes Cubs/Mets, Dodgers/Rockies, BoSox/Astros - 7:00PM | FOX BoSox at