Your “Well, Well, Well…” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: On-field issues Adrian Peterson - now a Cardinal The Saints received an undisclosed (late-round) pick in exchange. CJ2K is now out, released by the Cards after the Peterson trade was finalized. Steve Smith thinks Mike Glennon was set up to fail, based on last night's play-calling in the

Your “Save Room For Biscuits” Monday Night Football & Evening Open Thread

Whether it be Thanksguiving, Columbus Day, or Indigenous Peoples Day, happy holiday Monday to you all. And if you didn't have a holiday today, maybe move to a better state or country. There's no NFL News update because I may or may not have typed this last Thursday, right before I picked

Your “Saturday Nights Are Total Sports Nights Again!” Evening Open Thread

It's here! It's here! It's finally here! OH GOD, I NEED MORE!!!111! And maybe a little something for my American friends?      Looking ahead to tomorrow, here are the NFL broadcast maps courtesy the fine folks at CBS SINGLE █ Anchorage AK  |  █ Fairbanks AK █ Honolulu HI █ Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh Kevin Harlan, Rich Gannon █ LA Chargers @ NY Giants* Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts █ Tennessee

TGISF… AKA “A Lot Can Happen In A Year” Sexy Friday Open Thread

It's an interesting week this week here in TGISF-land.  We've reached a bit of a milestone around here, I suppose. Even though Sexy Friday has been around...well, longer than I have iteration of it, TGISF, turns one year old this week.  How about that, huh? Now, now, none of that.  Sit

Your “Time To Put Butts In Seats” NHL Opening Day Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Ben Roethlisberger says it's his role as a leader to speak to teammates when they need to be spoken to. He obviously thinks this is his doing: High emotions between the [Redacteds] and Chiefs on Monday night: Marcus Peters swore at some home fans after giving up a

Your “Stylin’ & Profilin'” Monday Night Football & Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The pressure must have gotten to John Fox - it's Truth Biscuit time in Chicago! His first game will be next Monday night versus the Vikings. With the Falcons bye week approaching, it appears Julio Jones - owner & wearer of the high flyin' cleats in the banner