Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Baked Thai Wings. You’re going to need a lot of beer.

Good morning everyone. How is that photo for a nice attention getter? Hell yes we made wings again. Sometimes you just have to eat some wings and there is nothing that will get in your damn way. Of course we have done other versions of chicken wings before. Here's a recipe for Korean

Sunday Gravy with yeah right -Sauerbraten. A Tantalizingly Tangy Teutonic Taste Treat

Guten tag, Commentists. Welcome! Today we will once again take a culinary visit to one of my favorite food origin countries, Germany! We've been down this road a couple of times already. What, with the Jagerschnitzel and Spätzle. There was also an early recipe for German Goulash that is worth your time and effort and

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: An Unaffiliated guide to Easter Dinner.

Good morning everyone. Happy Sunday! Before starting with today's menu we should discuss an interesting element. My timing. I recently gave you a rock solid Saint Patrick's day menu - a full fucking week AFTER Saint's Patrick Day! Outstanding! Well, guess what? Easter was last week and I'm here to show you how to prepare a

Sunday Gravy with yeah right – Jambalaya Two Ways

Mahning folks. Glad y'all could make it. No fuck that, my shitty attempt at a Cajun accent would tire out faster than a fat hound on a squirrel hunt. Sorry. Welcome back to Sunday Gravy everyone. Got a good one for you today. This is one of those dishes, like chili that every decent

Sunday Gravy with yeah right – To Eat, Drink and be Irish!

Top of the morning folks. Welcome back to Sunday Gravy! Before we get started I just wanted to say "Sláinte mhaith!" Last weekend was indeed Saint Patrick's day so of course the right family celebrated as we always do. We had a nice evolution in the preparing of the traditional Irish feast in

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: World Cuisines. Ethiopia!

Good morning folks! Hope your brackets are alive and well, if not I hope your liquor cabinet is well stocked. I can pretty safely guarantee that after reading the title of today's edition of Sunday Gravy you had one of two reactions. A) - Holy shit, this is going to be

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Techniques! We Got ’em!

Good morning folks and Happy Oscars day. Make it Snow will be along a little later to get you geared up for DFOs annual Oscar coverage fiesta. I thought I would try something a little bit different today. Rather than give you a recipe verbatim I thought I would give you a

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Fish and Chips and Beer! Cheers!

Good day folks. Welcome back to another edition of Sunday Gravy. We've got a quick, easy and pretty damn delicious menu for you today and the best part is...we get to cook with beer! Fuck yeah! Hopefully I didn't scare away too many folks with my dalliance with veal. I know some people are

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Veal Saltimbocca – Jump in my belly!

Good morning carnivores! Welcome back to Sunday Gravy. In reaching for a theme for today's menu I first considered an Olympic based theme similar to what I did for the Rio Olympics a couple of years ago. Remember this one? Holy fucking hell that was delicious. Psst: Killer chimichurri sauce in there! Then

Sunday Gravy Season Premier: The “Jucy Lucy” and Various Sundry Gameday Foods Now that the Season is Over!

Howdy friends and neighbors! Well shit, just look at that! It's another season of Sunday Gravy! Hope everyone had a nice NFL season. For the new folks out there, Sunday Gravy is one of the regular offseason features here at Door Flies Open that helps guide you weary football fans through

Semi- Instantaneous Balls Thoughts

You may have noticed my absence most of this weekend.  I stopped watching after the Falcons blew a golden opportunity to beat the Eagles at their own place. This would be the theme of the weekend. In the DFO Insiders,  I had picked Atlanta,  New England,  Pittsburgh,  and New Orleans. If it