Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 6, 2018 Season

Some weeks just shit all over you.  This was one of them.  Herein lies part of the week's tale. All season long, Yinzburgh has shown their asses about Le'Veon Bell, in the most unappreciative, unsolidarity, anti-labour, Company Man way.  I am sure it has made the Ginger Hammer hard enough to

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 4, 2018 Season

Holy Bananacakes, Batman!  That was (mostly) fun, eh? I say mostly because I swept my early afternoon #HAILGAMBLOR, with dominating $50 ATS wins by the P*ts (boo) and the Bearistocrats! (yay-ish), along with a thrilling $60 ML win by the Pylons that be Striped.  But I also learned what it felt like to score

Sunday Gravy Mid-Season Special: A Bet’s A Bet.

Wait? Sunday Gravy? During football season? Imagine your and my surprise! Hi Folks! This all came about since Balls and I were involved with a food bet during the first week of the college football season. That week Senor Balls and I made a friendly wager with our very own Redshirt. Redshirt took his Cincinnati Bearcats

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 3, 2018 Season

Los Angeles Rams.  Kansas City Chefs.  Miami LOLFins.  One of these three is not like the other. Yet all advanced to 3-0 this week, while the Minnesota Vikings got blown out at home by the historically bad Buffalo Bills.  I still don't know how to comprehend, nor describe how that happened.  Captain

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week Two, 2018

It's 17 September, 2018.  Have you seen your placekicker's psyche lately? /also HAIL SHANK'LOR!!, Goddess Bless Two weeks in, two Draws on the board, as we got a 29-29 scorigami in fat-ass cheese land.  Mason Crosby missed once (nice icing timeout, Mister Winkles!!), and rookie Daniel Carlson missed a few hundred times (including dead

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week One, 2018

Pictured is my new GameDay lucky shirt, found by the slowly redeeming self, also wants to go to NC State now asshole vegan kid, whilst thrifting in Colorado.  My very own Donks/Obama hybrid shirt, as endorsed by Democat-in-chief (most cats tend to be pretty conservative, you know), Kruger Adams D***s.  Last name

Sunday Gravy Season Finale: Beer Food and Game Day Inspiration.

Good morning everybody! Welcome back! Today is the season finale of Sunday Gravy. If it's the season finale that can only mean one thing: football starts next week! Fucking Hell yes! To our newer readers, Sunday Gravy runs during the NFL offseason and when the games start I am a captive, drinking, football watching

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Company’s Comin’!

Good morning everybody! Welcome back. We are coming to the finish line on another season of Sunday Gravy. Next week will be the season finale and I've got a really fun one for you. The only hint: it's a great recipe for game days. Today I am going as old school classic middle

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Don’t call it barbecue but you CAN call it delicious.

Hey everyone! Welcome back. That ticking noise you hear is the countdown clock to the start of the NFL season. It's a full schedule of regular season action in just 3 short long interminable drawn out agonizing weeks. I can practically feel the torn ACLs! Shit. Now my knees hurt. Once again today we