Your “Pour Me Some Of That Giggle Juice, Dollface” Thursday Night Football Open Thread

There's a ton of NFL news today if you look for it... Dez Bryant: The newest employee of the New Orleans Saints hasn't, to anyone's knowledge, burned any bridges with a single one of his teammates as of 6pm EST! Darren Sproles: He aggravated his teeny, weeny hamstring today. There you have it. TO THE

A Glass of Champagne and the ’72 Dolphins: Educating youths of a tradition never discussed

“When you go to history, let’s go into history. Don’t just go to your history. Let’s go to the history. Or don’t go into history at all. If you going to go back there, we can go back there. Or we can stay right here. … This is what they

Your “Double-Check Your Listings, There’s Only One Game On” Sunday Afternoon NFL Football Open Thread

Fine, there are two other games on the 4pm slate but I maintain they are more theoretical than actual. Sure, I guess 'players' will be 'playing' and acquiring 'stats' that can be used by 'agents' to negotiate 'contracts' and 'endorsements'. And yes, the 'money' paid to those individuals will be