Your “Double-Check Your Listings, There’s Only One Game On” Sunday Afternoon NFL Football Open Thread

Fine, there are two other games on the 4pm slate but I maintain they are more theoretical than actual. Sure, I guess 'players' will be 'playing' and acquiring 'stats' that can be used by 'agents' to negotiate 'contracts' and 'endorsements'. And yes, the 'money' paid to those individuals will be

Mr. November Brings His A Game – JV NFL Open Thread

Holy shit, kids.  This slate is amazeballs.  To the point where I can't even say anything smart-ass, just want to play badass band of our times The National's epic John Kerry song: Nebraska at Ohio State (Noon, Fox) This is on national Fox...why?  This will feature some epic tOSU vengeance, for Redshirt's viewing

The Trading Card of Josh McCown

Chapter 1: The draft room in Phoenix was filled with the stale odor of cigarettes, Old Spice and cheap liquor, and when the time came to make the call to New York, there came through the room the additional smell of anticipation mixed with fear. Would they finally get it right

A “Case” of Evil.

* image via interior Vikings locker room fall 2017. Case Keenum sits at his locker preparing for the 2017 season opener. Sam Bradford approaches. Sam: "Hey Case! Whatup?" Case: "Hey 'Hi-Beam' how you doing?" Sam: "Feeling good, man. I'm ready for the season to start. I don't think I've ever felt healthier or more prepared

An “It Goes On And On My Friend” Saturday Evening Open Thread

I think they're still playing Game Three of the World Series. Anyway - in honour of that, this one's for Brick: Mr. Ayo nailed it like Blair Walsh in the comments when he opined: Whenever you want to question football or ice ball overtimes, remember this evening/morning. Tonight's sports: MLB: Game 4 -

Can Everton Finish Off Mourinho? (and other Lesser/JV Combo Thoughts)

Yes, it's time to do to Jose Mourinho what we did to Davey Moyes (what, like 5 years ago?) and finish the walking ded off.  Everton (in 8th position on 15 points, +3 GD) only need a draw at Old Trafford to stay above Manure (10th, -1), and the Blues

Your “For A Hill, Men Will Kill” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: No man is an island, and Chad Kelly found that out late Tuesday night as he was a clod washed away by a sea of bad press.   He was cut by the Broncos as a result of his criminal trespass arrest after the Broncos Hallowe'en party. PFT has

JV NFL Thread – Where Has All Teh Good Matches Gone?

Fuck everything, another shitass International Break is upon us.  And is JV NFL breaking out the good vintage bottles to ease our suffering?  Fuck and No.  Your platter of turds follows: Florida at Vanderbilt (Noon, ESPN) Some peoples would have you believe that the Gators have turned the corner and are now