“Shathawks… Nope,…Shethawks… No, That’s Not Right… Hold On, I’ve Got It…” Seattle At The Bye

As Beastmode Ate My Baby is off on another top-secret government mission, it falls to me, another Seahawks season ticket holder and the writer of the Seahawks 2018 season preview this year, to provide an update on the team everybody used to hate. At their bye, the Seahawks are 3-3 - not

Your “More Cheddar Than You Can Swing a Stick At!” Full Tilt NFL Action Open Thread

And we're not tilting at windmills, friends-this be the real thing and all. I trust you have a very many intoxicants and mood-enhancers at arm's length, that you've finished tying the children up in the basement, (or crawlspace, either one is fine) handed the wife a few 20's and said,

Your “O Frabjous Day! Callooh! Callay!” Thursday Night NFL Football Open Thread

Look at me over here, chortling with joy. Man, this takes me back to high school and my first girlie friend. After a few sessions of furtive squeezing and such she said, "this shirt is so uncomfortable". She got up, took off said shirt and then said, "should I take

Grease up the poles! Eagles Season Preview.

Hi there, how is it going? When we last wrote about the Eagles the date was November 14th 2017, You see ole Nick was far too talented to stay in Philly so he had to head out and see the world so he plied his trade in St. Louis for RAMMIT

“What The Hell Have I Paid For?” – A Seattle Seahawks Preview

I'm not supposed to be here. The Seahawks are normally Beastmode Ate My Baby's domain, and I know what's good for me. You'd normally find him here, but he's off working on the Foo Fighters tour as Pat Smear's personal roadie, so it's fallen to me to enter where others fear to

The 2018 Miami Dolphins Preview: Where Hope goes to Die

Do you like the national anthem controversy? Well then I have a team for you! In a desperate act to get people to stop associating their team with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, the Miami Dolphins have now become associated with fascism. Way to go guys! Last season, Kenny Stills, Donkey Kong

Yinzburgh Stillers 2018 Preview

Well, holy hell. Wasn't that AFC Championship Game the throwdown everyone, expected, and deserved? Two titans of the AFC having yet another remtatch to see who is who? Two greats, with history, both recent, and historically, to add to their legacy? Steelers and Patriots, two rivals vying for for supremacy


WEEK ONE OF THE PRESEASON WOOOOOOOOOO.... Who's ready to watch sixth-round draft picks from Middle Tennessee State run into undrafted guys from Cal-Poly and Mount Union?! This is our methadone for the four weeks, before our six month heroin bender begins. 24 teams (that's 75% of the league; MATH!) play tonight. Here's

Your 2018 Bengals Preview: Re-Defining Insanity – One Year At a Time

Last time we saw the Cincinnati Bengals, they were finishing a disappointing season strong by defeating the Baltimore Ravens, letting fellow down-on-their-luck franchise Buffalo Bills back into the playoffs after an absence of just under two decades. After receiving the joys and adulations of a grateful Buffalo Bills team and

Your completely biased Lesser footy EPL preview.

Those were my seats the last time that I saw premier league football live at Craven Cottage.   It's that time of year again commentists, futbol is kicking off! I'm aware that Mr. Balls and others dislike the EPL but it's what's on my teevee on Saturdays and the good La Liga