Offseason Qb Interviews! – Miami edition.

Yeaahhhh Miami, I have to say I've been looking forward to this because I love smoking and hot women. Who wouldn’t want to play here? After an injury to Tannehill last year they brought in one of DFO’s favoUrites. I hope the cat hasn’t taken his laissez faire attitude elsewhere.

Saturday Fútbol and Elephant In The Room Open Thread

It’s Saturday morning and there’s fútbol! Huh. Looks like a slate for the hardcore, in La Liga and the EPL. And, c’mon: it’s mid January. Even if Liverpool were playing Man City for the top of the table, with the losers getting full body waxes after the game… I’d still

TGISF… Well I Guess That’s Music, Allegedly – #1

It's Been A While, Eh? Greetings and salutations, perverts.  Haven't seen you since last year FFS.  Miss me yet?  Yeah, I thought not.  But if you've been reading along faithfully on Fridays recently, then you already know I stepped away from the controls here for the past few weeks. First and foremost,

DFO “Insiders” Predict the Championship Round!

Championship weekend is here! Before getting started let's address the obvious. Trust me I watched every replay and this was definitely the best angle. Turn the volume up for this one. Having been to US Bank Stadium I can testify that it is loud during a regular season game I can't imagine

Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy: Risky Endeavours Explained By “Risk”

Risk. Anyone over the age of 25 remembers this game. A child's game, but not a game just a child will play. Allow me to walk you through the process of how we got to this point. This is Barron Trump, Now, on the surface, he's a mild-mannered kid whose father just happens

DFO Insiders Predict! The Divisional Round

Well that was certainly a wild card round wasn't it? Last week when we posted the wild card round predictions I mentioned how those "expert insiders" at the 4 letter network had all gone chalk on their wild card predictions. Well guess what motherfuckers? ALL of you were wrong. Every goddamn

Offseason QB Interviews! Oakland Edition

It is a dreary day in Oakland as I arrive at the ‘international’ airport. I can’t help but notice that this seems like a third world airport minus the tuk-tuks outside. As I make my way to the facility I wonder how the new announcement of the new head

Your “Imma Need To Be Drunk For This One” Saturday Evening Open Thread

Yeah, so what if we say that every night? It doesn't make it not true, does it?  Does it????? DON'T YOU JUDGE ME!!!!!! - First Some Business Many thanks to BallsofSteelandFury  for subbing in for me for TGISF last night.  I need(ed) a break from it for various reasons.  None of which matter to anyone

Saturday morning futbol open thread and musings.

Good morning early risers let's hope today we are rewarded with some good futbol! It is I, one of the three gentlemen filling in for Hippo as he takes his hiatus from teh futbol. We all four watch the game a bit differently and focus on different countries for the

All the Molson in the World

On last night's open thread, BeerLoverPops mentioned: After first wondering, what kind of accommodating America First policy is it for the CFL to honour the NFL's 4-game ban (btw, we all questioning the source of Harrison's longevity now that he's in blue?), then wondering what the details were (nothing released but

Greetings early risers! Your lesser footy preview!

Greetings early risers! Coffee? Check. Morning wake and bake? It is Saturday. Check. JV Footy? Nope. Lesser footy? Check.   We gather here today for lesser footy only as JV footy has ended until bowl season and that schedule is spread out for a month or so. Normally King Hippo is your Saturday morning correspondent