The Commissioner Calls a Meeting

Banner Image via   Thank you all for coming on such short notice. With the conference championships upon us this weekend, this meeting had to happen at once. I think we all know that this has been an extraordinarily exciting post-season. Comebacks and rallies and heartbreak and a quarterback throwing a touchdown

Your “Ugh – Two (More) Weeks of that ‘PATS NATION!!’ Garbage?” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The most exciting Superb Owl week news so far is that Jim Tomsula has been hired by the [Redacteds] as their new D-line coach. the hobo has come home! I hope Big Daddy Drew keeps the "lifehacks" going. Dan Snyder is relieved he now has someone he can pay in

Mock YEAH!

It has been less than two weeks since Super Bowl Sunday, which means you may be Jones-ing for some serious NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE action. With the NFL draft not until the end of April and training camps still 6 months away, it's seriously worth taking a look at alternate entertainment

Tom Brady’s PED Scandal, Part 3: Cracks in the Foundation

Here was the thing about last week's AFC Championship game -- whichever quarterback won would need to face a week on Super Bowl Radio Row answering questions which will certainly include vague softballs about his off field regimen, including accusations of illegal performance enhancing substances. With Peyton Manning coming up victorious (17/32,

Get Fired Up.

Hello all. Happy Friday Before Conference Championship Sunday. Lots of discussion about Manning-Brady 17 on the AFC side and the two best teams in the league facing off on the NFC side this week. Good football games are expected to fill our tv screens all Sunday afternoon in the penultimate week of

The First Real Open Thread of the Season!

Holy crap, it's here.  We have ACTUAL, COUNTING FOOTBALL for the first time in roughly 10 quatrillion years.  We've been subjected to preseason football, Ballghazi, Spygate Redux, The assorted ongoing Redskins debacle, the goddamned Patriots being your returning champions, the preseason knee apocalypses of Jordy Nelson and Kelvin Benjamin, thousands