Your “Nobody Likes A Quitter, But Failing Too Often Is Worse” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: In the wake of losing the Defensive Coordinator to becoming head coach in Miami, the Patriots have decided to turn their defense into Schiano men! It helps that Greg Schiano coached Bill Belichick's son at Rutgers, along with (probably more importantly) current Patriots defensive backs Devin McCourty, Jason McCourty

Your “Let’s Turn Everyone Into RG III” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: There is was talk about maybe having to either delay or move the Mexico City game, because the field is apparently complete ass. Estadio Azteca switched to a hybrid turf of both synthetic and natural grass this year, and it has been unable to hold up for the

Your “Now What Will He Do?” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: No London Jags just yet: Shad Khan has withdrawn his offer to buy Wembley Stadium. It was rumoured that he didn't have enough FA member votes to get the deal through, so he decided to stop wasting his time. It doesn't help that the team he owns -

Your “It’s An Image, Not A Homage” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: It's still a few weeks to the October 30th deadline, but who cares about facts? Trade rumours! Shady to the Eagles. Cardinals LB Deone Bucannon to the Eagles. A bitter former employee is accusing Shad Khan of trying to have London, and specifically Wembley, be the permanent Jaguars home

Your “DFO Super Bowl Hate Week” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Welcome to the third night of the Second Annual DFO Hate Week, brought to you by rampant greed, a Republican majority, taxpayer-funded stadiums, and General Mills - home of the "Monster cereals". Tonight is the night where we reflect on the ownerships that made us hate the League in 2017. I'm going

Offseason QB Interviews – Dallas edition.

It's hate week they said, go to your evil place they said. Is it not bad enough the Eagles have to play the hated P*ts this weekend? Nope, heading to big D to see what is happening with the Cowboys. As a professional journalist from the Upstairs Backlane Hollywood Journalism School

LA Football Report – RAMMIT Postseason Edition

Here we are, back again, to take a look at football in LA this year. The regular season is over for all teams, so we have a good basis for comparison. Here is our final chart: As you can see, the college teams collectively outdrew the NFL teams on average attendance. 

LA Football Report – Post Thanksgiving Farts edition

Here we are, once again, to see where we are on the LA football landscape. Everything seems to be coming up Millhouse for good ole LA as we have three teams in first place and the other just landed the biggest fish in the NCAA coaching pond. There is a lot

Your “Dammit, What Was I Thinking?” Monday Night Football Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Jay Cutler has been placed in concussion protocol. They weren't sure if anything was wrong until the doctor asked where he was and Cutty replied, "at your office, to get my kids vaccinated". Might as well just give the Pats the division at this point. The rumours are