LA Football Report – RAMMIT Postseason Edition

Here we are, back again, to take a look at football in LA this year. The regular season is over for all teams, so we have a good basis for comparison. Here is our final chart: As you can see, the college teams collectively outdrew the NFL teams on average attendance. 

LA Football Report – Post Thanksgiving Farts edition

Here we are, once again, to see where we are on the LA football landscape. Everything seems to be coming up Millhouse for good ole LA as we have three teams in first place and the other just landed the biggest fish in the NCAA coaching pond. There is a lot

Your “Dammit, What Was I Thinking?” Monday Night Football Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Jay Cutler has been placed in concussion protocol. They weren't sure if anything was wrong until the doctor asked where he was and Cutty replied, "at your office, to get my kids vaccinated". Might as well just give the Pats the division at this point. The rumours are

Rams Stadium Update Pt 2: Inglewood. Still Up to No Good.

It has been awhile since I brought you the first LA Rams Stadium update and I figured it was about time we head on back to Inglewood to see how the development was going. So I took it upon myself as both your intrepid reporter as well as the DFO

Your “Blah Blah Blah…We Can’t Hear You” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The NFL has responded to yesterday's news about CTE in athletes' brains: We appreciate the work done by Dr. McKee and her colleagues for the value it adds in the ongoing quest for a better understanding of CTE. As noted by the authors, there are still many unanswered questions relating

Your “Scoring Is Down But Celebrations Are Up!” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Cortez Kennedy died today, age 48. No cause of death was announced. I just remember him eating people up during the 90s, when blackout rules meant Seahawks or nothing on Sundays. He is one of 9 Seahawks in the Hall of Fame, although that number also counts famous

Your “Yay! Bad Things DO Happen To Bad People” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The opening of the new joint Rams and Chargers stadium in Inglewood, Calif., has been delayed until 2020. Unexpected rainfall this winter has slowed work on site excavation & foundation preparation. Per the L.A. Times, water at times stood up to 12 to 15 feet deep from

Your Clean Records = Clean Conscience” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: As expected, Aaron Hernandez's murder conviction was vacated today, as a result of his suicide prior to the conclusion of his appeal. This means his widow will be able to go after the Patriots for the remainder of his 2012 signing bonus. but Odin Lloyd's heirs cannot, because

Your “Building Readership One Coupling At A Time” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

  First off, a hearty congrats to litre_cola on the arrival of little deci, and sunrisesunrise on the arrival of little redskyatdawn.    THAT'S GOOD HUSTLE! NFL News: Jed York apparently wants to settle differences with Jim Harbaugh, and thinks a fancy dinner will do it. Given how hard it is for Jim to

Your “Hold On – I Need A Cup For THose Tears” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: AJ Hawk signed a one-day contract so he could retire a Packer. Dallas jumped early and exercised the 2018 option on OL Zack Martin. It's worth $9.3 million, which is about $3 million less than he'd command on the open market after 2017. The Bills are going to

Your “Man, There’s Really Nothing On” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: non-Raiders: a 4-year extension will ensure Jason Witten remains a Cowboy for life. Chris Long has left the Patriots for the Eagles - 2 years, approximately $5.0 million. No Fun League update: rules committee changes as proposed, players are now prohibited from leaping over the offensive line on