Your Clean Records = Clean Conscience” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: As expected, Aaron Hernandez's murder conviction was vacated today, as a result of his suicide prior to the conclusion of his appeal. This means his widow will be able to go after the Patriots for the remainder of his 2012 signing bonus. but Odin Lloyd's heirs cannot, because

Your “Building Readership One Coupling At A Time” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

  First off, a hearty congrats to litre_cola on the arrival of little deci, and sunrisesunrise on the arrival of little redskyatdawn.    THAT'S GOOD HUSTLE! NFL News: Jed York apparently wants to settle differences with Jim Harbaugh, and thinks a fancy dinner will do it. Given how hard it is for Jim to

Your “Hold On – I Need A Cup For THose Tears” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: AJ Hawk signed a one-day contract so he could retire a Packer. Dallas jumped early and exercised the 2018 option on OL Zack Martin. It's worth $9.3 million, which is about $3 million less than he'd command on the open market after 2017. The Bills are going to

Your “Man, There’s Really Nothing On” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: non-Raiders: a 4-year extension will ensure Jason Witten remains a Cowboy for life. Chris Long has left the Patriots for the Eagles - 2 years, approximately $5.0 million. No Fun League update: rules committee changes as proposed, players are now prohibited from leaping over the offensive line on

Your “Vegas Baby!” Monday Evening Open Thread

Banner image via don_t Like the Hall of Fame, this really should have happened while Ken Stabler was alive. Imagine the marketing! NFL News, non-Raiders: Trevone Boykin makes this week's Crimebeat! with an arrest while being a passenger in a car accident. Oof -  marijuana possession and public intoxication. this follows missing the

Your “Calm Before the Storm” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Kind of a quiet day publicly, as teams talk with players about mountains of green and all the gray they can slay. Tomorrow will be the same, as no deal can be publicly announced until after the start of the League year on March 9 at 4:00PM ET. Still, there are some

Your “THIS is League Stability?”Thursday Night Open Thread

NFL News: The Raiders have officially filed their relocation papers with the League. According to Yelp, the second best, but closest, moving company to the is West Coast Moving Systems. They have a three-hour guaranteed response time, and proudly advertise having moved Gary Payton. This seems right up Mark

Your “Will They Be Outdrawn By A Soccer Team?” Thursday Evening Open Thread

A full #content day here at [DFO]'s undersea headquarters, thanks to that malaka Dean Spanos and the ingenuity & wit of the various award-snubbed authors we have on staff. NFL News: Fearing they'd miss out on all that guaranteed Raider-fan money, the Chargers announced they are moving to LA to be

Your “‘Raining Money’ = Good; ‘Golden Shower’ = Bad; ‘Getting Hosed’ = Depends” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

To think what the Founding Fathers would say! I supposed Ben Franklin would approve, although he would have preferred French courtesans and older women. I'm not sure how the alt-left would have dealt with this. Urolagnia doesn't lend itself to offence like "Beta-cuck" did for the alt-right. Look for Drs Oz & Phil to have

LA Football: A Local’s View

Not surprisingly, USC fell to the Stanford Cardinal in Palo Alto by a score of 27-10.  Somewhat surprisingly, UCLA beat the BYU Cougars in Utah by a score of 17-14. WHAT? Ok, FINE!  The ...LA Rams (still sounds weird) played their home opener at the Coliseum against the Seattle Seahawks. And somehow, thanks

Perhaps I can find new ways to motivate them.

You all remember this? Well those days are behind SKOL Country now. After two seasons playing outdoors at the local college stadium and $1.1 billion in new construction financing, the Minnesota Vikings are ready to move into the house that Dennis Green built. U.S. Bank Stadium, the first fixed-roof (though the ceiling is