NFL Speakeasy Stories: COINTELPRO

PX, Old Town Alexandria. 2:47 am, September 7th, 2017 In the waning hours of another humid summer work night, the bartender turning down the business grimaced when the door opened and an older gentleman came shifting through the entrance. No doubt, this old timer couldn't sleep and thought to himself that


  Scene: Exterior, late morning on a crisp, unseasonably warm December day in DC. An exciting weekend of football has been completed, as long as you can find "excitement" in missed field goals/extra points, a snowy Bears-49ers game that saw two NFL teams fail to complete a pass in the first quarter

Request Line: Top of the Class

INT. RECORDING STUDIO – DAY A pair of radio station employees stand in the production booth, obviously upset and arguing over something. STATION MANAGER: You said you wanted a businessman! That's what we've got! PRODUCER: I said a smart businessman! I'm amazed this guy can even tie his own shoes! DAN SNYDER: [In the