Soldier Field Field Report

As as with most things in life, I'm tardy in bringing this to you. But last week I went to the Bears-Lions game with Lady BFC (not sure that name is gonna work for her), my sister, and a buddy from elementary school. No, not an eight year old, dude,


Hey. I'm Fronkenshteen. I found the old place when Deadspin linked to a KSK post. It may have been an NFL Dance Party gif spectacular, but I can't quite remember. I happened to be on KSK the day everyone posted their goodbyes and left, and quickly followed you guys over

Your “Catching You Up On Things” Tuesday Open Thread

That was a fun weekend. Road trip! Whale watching! Five-pin bowling & birthday cake! Captain America! I hope Memorial Day holds as much promise for American DFO Commentists. ENOUGH YAMMERING! Onto the stories. NFL News out of the Charlotte meetings: the owners agreed to the proposed instant-replay changes. To wit: "The Replay Official and