Your “It’s A Dirty Damned Disgrace, That’s What It Is!” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: As expected, the Eagles have already ruled Carson Wentz out for Sunday's game, so Nick Foles is upon whom you will be placing your bets. The 'plan' is for him to return for the Wild Card round. The vultures are already circling for Cardinals' rookie head coach Steve

Your “The Bill Always Comes Due” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: I guess iron does sharpen iron: Frank Clark: 'Richard Sherman and his era is over'    It comes on the heels of Sherman - star of the 3-10 49ers - calling the current Seahawks defense "middle of the road". As Bobby Wagner put it, "You can make the position

Your “I Hear Vinny Testaverde Ain’t Busy” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Well, let's look at the Green Bay rumour mill: Bruce Arians - not interested. A disappointment to those in rural Wisconsin looking forward to possible Arian supremacy. Josh McDaniels - flattered to be considered, but not interested. According to Robert Kraft, who's not going through that again. Jim

Your “Oh God, That’s Hilarious” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The headline really buries the lede: Jay Gruden: We didn't have many plays for Mark Sanchez Nowhere in the story does it point out that it was Jay Gruden who chose to have Mark Sanchez on his active roster. As noted by the master himself:  "Well, we had

Your “I Got Nothing” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The Bears have Mitch Trubisky listed as "questionable" for this Sunday. The working theory is that, given they are playing the Giants, they will let Chase Daniel play another week so the Truth Biscuit is ready for a run to the finish without anything nagging him going into

Your “Oh God, I’m Dying A Death” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

I think I have the flu. Let's run down the checklist: Public school teacher in a vaccine-challenged city Attended niece's 8th birthday on Saturday eight other sniffling kids in attendance Raining & cold Back pain The feeling I'm being punched in the throat Yep - check's out. Taking a sick day

Your “Oh Look – You’ve Broken Him” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Not a lot worth mentioning today, what with Thanksgiving tomorrow & most NFL offices taking today off because they have to work Friday. No Truth Biscuit on Thursday versus the Lions. Trubisky was downgraded from "questionable" to "doubtful" for Thursday's game on Wednesday morning. The short week is partly

Your “Why Can’t It Be Like That Every Night?” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: The Chiefs-Rams game was ESPN's highest-rated game in four years.  Last night's game could singlehandedly turn around the NFL's Nielsen numbers...until the next arcane roughing the QB flag, or Jets game. Of all the ridiculous stats to come out of the game, Kareem Hunt became the first player

Your “Que Desafortunado Para Ti” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: For those of you who live in the region: Chiefs-Rams tickets went on sale Wednesday. They are setting aside seats for the first responders fighting the fires and police who answered the Thousand Oaks shooting call. It'll be the first Monday Night game at the Coliseum since 1985.

Your “Let’s Turn Everyone Into RG III” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: There is was talk about maybe having to either delay or move the Mexico City game, because the field is apparently complete ass. Estadio Azteca switched to a hybrid turf of both synthetic and natural grass this year, and it has been unable to hold up for the

Your Post-Election, Pre-Apocalypse Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Bruce Irvin, freed from the Raiders, has decided to play for the Falcons.  Irvin was born & raised in the Atlanta area. Having played for Dan Quinn in Seattle was also an attraction. "This was a dream [come] true," Irvin told ESPN's Vaughn McClure. "The Patriots and Steelers