Your “Be The King Kong Banging On Your Chest” Saturday Evening Open Thread Back on January 3rd, in the Open Thread, we discussed the 15 Hall of Fame finalists: Tony Boselli, Isaac Bruce, Brian Dawkins, Alan Faneca, Steve Hutchinson, Joe Jacoby, Edgerrin James, Ty Law, Ray Lewis, John Lynch, Kevin Mawae, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Brian Urlacher, Everson Walls. and made our picks as

Your “What’s Old Is New Again” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The NFL site says it better than I could: "Baltimore Ravens rookie cornerback Marlon Humphrey was arrested earlier this month by University of Alabama police on misdemeanor harassment and theft charges." It appears to be a 'disagreement' over a $15 phone charger, and whether or not Humphrey stole

Your “Halfway To The Pro Bowl!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The NFL has cleared Carolina of any shenanigans in the Cam Newton non-concussion in New Orleans. League doctor Dr. Allen Sills also added, "This points out something important. That armchair doctors at home cannot make a concussion diagnosis." I was hoping he'd add, "Because we're not fucking golf."

Your “Wearing White? They’re Not Virgins – They’re Whores!” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Because they can't wear hoods instead of helmets, the Patriots will wear white during The Big Game™ 12 of the last 13 Super Bowl winners have worn white The Pats are 3-0 in white at the Super Bowl; 2-2 in blue. The Eagles are 0-2 in green. ESPN

Your “Satan Has Taken His Toll, And He Took It Out On Me” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The Cardinals have hired Steve Wilks, Panthers 2017 Defensive Coordinator, as their new head coach. He also interviewed with the Titans and Giants, likely as Rooney-rule fulfillment. Pat Shurmur is expected to become the Giants new head coach. It's his second crack at being a head coach. His

Your “Spinning My Tires Out Of Here” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Todd Haley - GONE! Speculation is he'll be replaced by Mike Munchak, who declined a second interview with the Cardinals once this news came down. How unpleasant is the Cardinals head job when guys are choosing to decline in order to stay as a coordinator? If you want

Your “Peak Philly Fan Achievement Unlocked” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Ben McAdoo looks destined for Cleveland. They are also looking at Mike Mularkey, because if you put all the 2017 failure in one basket you can't help but germinate success! Get the the-NFL-helps-the-Patriots conspiracy bandwagon fired up: Leonard Fournette was in a car accident Tuesday morning. He was

Your “I Swore I Would Be True” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Big Daddy Drew is alive. So let's relive it again. Plus, he's got opinions on the next Giants head coach. Mike Mularkey is OUT as Titans coach. The rumour is Josh McDaniels, and a probable fine for not observing the Rooney Rule. Working in the Titans favour is

Semi- Instantaneous Balls Thoughts

You may have noticed my absence most of this weekend.  I stopped watching after the Falcons blew a golden opportunity to beat the Eagles at their own place. This would be the theme of the weekend. In the DFO Insiders,  I had picked Atlanta,  New England,  Pittsburgh,  and New Orleans. If it

Your Yeah Right family Battle Royale Open Thread

We have DJ Taj and his New Orleans Saints going up against Yeah Right and his Minnesota Vikings for the right to go to the NFC Championship Game. Let's go to The Tale Of The Tape! Cooking skills: Advantage Yeah Right Writing while on unknown substances: Advantage DJ Taj QB: Advantage DJ Taj RB: Advantage

Your “Insert Generic Title Here” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The London games have been announced. Seattle Seahawks vs. Oakland Raiders, Tottenham stadium, Oct. 14. Philadelphia Eagles vs. Jacksonville Jaguars, Wembley Stadium, Oct. 21 or 28. Tennessee Titans vs. Los Angeles Chargers, Wembley Stadium, Oct. 21 or 28. Aaron Donald is signed to his 5th-year of his rookie