2018 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Preview

*Camera goes on to reveal Donald Trump inside Trump Tower late at night. Trump is holding and reading from his ipad, with a smile on his face, until he reads the latest headline on AOL's main page* Trump in a sarcastic voice: Oh you really nailed me there, Oliver. I've been

Your “I Guess Preseason Gets Exciting Next Week?” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The Bengals have released safety George Iloka. Iloka is due $5.3 million in salary and roster bonuses this season, and it appears GM & Cincinnati local playhouse Scrooge Mike Brown would prefer to pay their second-round rookie Jesse Bates instead. Iloka has his own sanguine outlook: https://twitter.com/George_iloka/status/1031238428350922752 In a

The 2018 Miami Dolphins Preview: Where Hope goes to Die

Do you like the national anthem controversy? Well then I have a team for you! In a desperate act to get people to stop associating their team with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, the Miami Dolphins have now become associated with fascism. Way to go guys! Last season, Kenny Stills, Donkey Kong

Your “I’ll Pluck You!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: It might be early, but the Packers defence is already half-done for the year: Jake Ryan is out for the season with an ACL tear. Immediate replacements are rookie Oren Burks, the team's third-round pick of the 2018 NFL Draft, and second-year pro Ahmad Thomas. They may also wait

Your “So, Anything Happen While I Was Gone?” (Part 1) Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: JJ Watt says he's ready to go for 2018. He's always been ready at the start of a season; he hasn't finished a season since 2015, and played through a sports hernia to help the Texans lose 39-0 to the Chiefs in their Wild Card game. He also

Your “We Can Only Go Up From Here” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Los Titancanos' DE Jurrell Casey will continue to take a knee and protest during the national anthem, in spite of the greed lords owners latest rule change. "I'm going to take my fine... It is what it is, I ain't going to let them stop me from doing what

Your “Yay! Holidays!!” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The Hall of Fame has decided how they will dick around TO. He will not be mentioned during the ceremony, and will mail him his gold jacket after the ceremony - presumably so he can't wear it to his own ceremony at UT-Chattanooga. "The focus," Hall of Fame

Your “Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Everything today seems to fall into the "hoo-boy" department. The burglary at LeSean McCoy's ex's has taken a dark turn: She's in the hospital after being pistol-whipped. The burglar asked for items specific to her relationship with McCoy. Further to that, her lawyer issued a statement: “In fact, after

Your “All Your Money Won’t Another Minute Buy” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: ARE YOU READY FOR A....grievance hearing? The NFLPA has filed an official grievance against the NFL over the new anthem policy. They will start with arbitration before proceeding to a court case (if necessary). Sure to help things is Michael Bidwill going on the radio to pump up