[DFOnline] Anthem is Further Proof Acquisitions Have Consequences

Anthem is the newest game to come from the good Canadian folks at BioWare, best known for their Knights of the Old Republic, Dragon Age and Mass Effect series, which have all done a tremendous job of blending rich story, (arguably, the illusion of) making your decisions matter, massively beautiful maps to explore and

Your “The Wrong Notre Dame Burned Down” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: The day's not over yet, so Russell Wilson's deadline has not yet passed. There are trade rumours afoot in the absence of any real news: The Honey Badger speculates it's the Giants just because. Will Brinson at CBS Sports speculates the Giants by way of draft picks. He

Your Sunday Evening Even More Playoff Games Open Thread

What's up,  kids? It's your friendly neighborhood Balls of Steel here filling in for BeerGuyRob, who has been called away on duty. (Read: Taking care of business down at WineWife Country if you know what I mean and I think you do.) Anyhoo, I just want to point out that Tiger Woods

House of Pain: X Gonna Give it to Ya

Motherfucker… it's not… a fucking… game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGx6K90TmCI So around October or so, which tells you how long this has been waiting in the wings, THIS finally came in from the Heatonist website. Yes, House of Pain is back, even though Senor's laptop still goes unreplaced (seriously Senor, how hard is it) and there is

Your Saturday AM Lesser Footy Thread

Good morning Lesser Footy fans! We’re at match day 34 and there are some key fixtures occurring today. First, here’s what you might have. . . *The screen goes all blurry and the sound of white noise can be heard. The camera is now clear and all you can see is a

Your “My Goal Is To Be As Good A Person As My Dog Already Thinks I Am” Friday Evening Open Thread

I've got nothing much to talk about this week.  So I'm not gonna. Trust me, that's a good thing.  And you're happier this way. And in all honesty, I have been so distracted the past few weeks that I couldn't think of a theme for this week.  So this week's theme is

A Tradition Like Any Other: Augusta National Can F*** Right Off

Here's a secret: I despise the dipshits who run Augusta National Golf Club. Glad-handing, misogynist dickheads who use the ideas of "tradition" and "the old ways" to actively make their golf tournament as white as possible. IT'S A GOLF TOURNAMENT YOU FUCKING FUCKS. Fuck these people with Satan's chainsaw wang. Yeah,

Marty Mornhinweg’s Wacky Weapons: Project Habakkuk

Spring is here, which means that it's time for me to whip my high-school team into shape for the upcoming football season. Never too early to get started, really - who cares about baseball? It just gets in the way of Oklahoma drills. As the winter ice melts, my excitement