Copa América 2019 Team Preview: Rand McNally

We've got an extra team! It came as a bit of shock when this small country off the coast of South America qualified as a sudden 13th team, but shows how much analysts know! I drew the straw, so I get to uncover the mysteries. Rand McNally is a country off

Your “A Day/Week/However Long in the Life” Saturday Evening Thread A little bit of a spin on the Saturday night semi-musical post tonight, since screw it, I can, it's my show tonight. The world of a freelance musician's definitely a strange one, where what you're playing, for what event, and how much notice you're given to do it could ranges

¡Vamos peruanos! – Peru team preview.

Hola morning people! Let's start off here, I know nothing of Peruvian football or footballers. What do I know about Peru? They make Pisco which is a fermented grape alcohol that makes a Pisco Sour and is bloody delicious. They have that, and cocaine. I imagine every Peruvian party to be Pisco,

Your “Guess Who Flew To California And Then Woke Up Sick Today?” Friday Evening Open Thread

Seriously, it's almost funny.  I woke up sick today.  Not sick enough to miss the pub crawl tomorrow.  But sick enough that I stayed in today and napped most of the day so that I wouldn't HAVE to miss the pub crawl tomorrow. Anyway, I have no idea what to talk

Venezuela: Starving for your attention. Your 2019 Copa América Team Preview

Reasons why you should cheer for Venezuela: Venezuela is starving for the attention of lesser footy fans who do not have any blood ties to any country participating in the Copa América. Their team nickname, La Vino Tinto (Red wine), is literally encouraging you to drink alcohol while watching them play! Their

Your “Final Warning” Monday Evening Open Thread

This coming weekend (phrasing), Saturday June 8th to be specific, the first annual DFO LA Metro Pub Crawl is happening.  All DFO lurkers, commentists, stalkers, and authors are welcome!  That includes YOU, so you should be there.  But time grows short and you have to make your plans NOW!!!!! The concept