Your “You Can Suit Yourself Baby, But You Don’t Suit Me” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Due to infractions over pass coverage contact during drills, the Ravens will lose their final two OTAs this week. Owner Steve Bisciotti & coach John Harbaugh were fined $100,000 & $50,000 respectively. The Ravens and Harbaugh were fined $343,057 and $137,223, respectively, for a similar infraction in 2016.

Your “It Just Meant ‘Day'” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Carson Wentz has been cleared for 7-on-7 work at Eagles camp. He's still in a non-contact role, but the Eagles are confident that he's showing good progress to be ready for Week 1. No word on how he's recovering from the VICIOUS BURN handed the Eagles organization by

World Cup 2018 Team Preview – Sweden

Whatever happened to the Swedish Bikini Team? I mean,  yeah,  they were really American models that were put together for an Old Milwaukee advertising campaign in the early 90s, but still... The eternal question remains: how hot are real Swedish girls? Um, yeah... so the answer is VERY. But this is a World Cup

Your “What Is Truth?” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: LOL Browns! reports LB Mychal Kendricks has signed a one-year contract with the Browns. PFT reports Mychal Kendricks has not signed a one-year contract with the Browns. And Kendricks himself has this to say: Zach Miller, he of the "OH GOD...NO!! **barfs**" knee injury, has been re-signed

2018 Copa Mundial Team Preview – México

As I type this,  México is playing Scotland in a friendly match in the Despedida for El Tri. The French would call it the Au Revoir or Bon Voyage game.  It has become tradition to play a last friendly before the World Cup at home to wish the players good

World Cup 2018 South Korea Preview: So you’re saying there’s a chance

*Scene opens to a pitch black room. All you can see is black and the sounds of an older man grunting* Old Man breathing heavily: Oh yeah, that little black dress is getting a little uncomfortable. Take it off, baby. *The sound of pumping Vaseline can be heard* OM: Oh yeah, almost there,

World Cup 2018: Germany

FIFA Rank:  1st!  That's really good! World Cup Group:  It doesn't matter, (but Group F), because they'd storm any group like it was Poland in 1939. Hey, How'd They Get Here?:  They beat the shit out of everyone in their European qualifying group, winning all 10 games and scoring 4+ goals a game.  They

World Cup 2018: Serbia

FIFA Rank:  35th.  That's...well, that's a number inn'it? World Cup Group:  Group E. Hey, How'd They Get Here?:  They beat Georgia, (Hey, did you know it's a country and a state? What a world!) by one goal to clinch a spot.  While it sounds like they just squeaked in, they did come out of

World Cup 2018: Switzerland

FIFA Rank:  6th!  That's good! World Cup Group:  The one with Brazil! (Group E)  That's bad! Hey, How'd They Get Here?:  They finished second in the their European qualifying division, defeating Northern Ireland on a controversial penalty kick for a handball that never touched the Irish guy's hand.  That said, the Swiss