Your “The Official Flavour Of The 2017 NY Giants” Monday Night Football Open Thread

NFL News: The expected became fact this morning, as Ben McAdoo & GM Jerry Reese were both fired by the Giants. Reese can claim to at least have contributed to the Giants recent Super Bowls, so his tenure wasn't an abject failure but simply a collective one. Steve Spagnuolo will

Your “Sunday Night Is For The Birds” Sunday Night Football Open Thread

Banner image from NBC Sports Evening, degenerates.  Your usual sot/introducer was unable to cobble together enough enthusiasm to slog through three of these open threads today, and who can blame him? I climbed out of the content mines juuuuust long enough to hit 30,000 feet and write up a little something


  POINT:  ELI'S BENCHING IS A LOW POINT FOR THE BEST FOOTBALL FRANCHISE EVER By Paul From Staten Island I've been a fan of the New York Giants ever since I can remember, although admittedly my memory has been rusty since I saw that one guy, you know who, doing that one

TGISF… AKA “Are Ya Feelin’ Lucky, Punk?” Sexy Friday Open Thread

Note:  While I wasn't paying attention, BallsofSteel once again invaded my personal space.  At least this time I didn't need antibiotics afterwards. But I digress... In all seriousness, I've got a busy week, including packing for and going to Vegas.  Balls has been kind enough to "volunteer" to contribute his vast and

NFL Assistant Coaches: Pictorial Omnibus, Part Seven

In our continuing series portraying the vagaries of life as an NFL assistant coach, I am honored to present our latest installation of photographs that will hopefully open up a new perspective on this demanding and captivating profession.                           We sincerely hope you have enjoyed our presentation, and please look for our

The Wickersham Man on Eli Manning, Man

As our own ChampagneFellerRoy covered last night, Eli Manning has lost his starting job to Geno Smith. The NFL, much like life in American politics, is clearly a meritocracy, so Eli Manning acted like the trainers his brother assaulted in college and took it on the chin. But apparently some

Your “Engage Tire Fire Protocol!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Jay Cutler has cleared concussion protocol, and will start Sunday versus Denver. The Broncos will counter with (spins wheel) Trevor Siemian. Devonta Freeman has cleared concussion protocol & will return to the Falcons active roster. Worryingly, it's his third concussion since November 2015, pushing him close to Trent

25 Questions (Plus One)…

...About this... Sort of. This one is a little different than our normal 25 Questions format, so pay attention. While any and all you are more than welcome to answer these questions regarding yourselves and your own Las Vegas experiences, and I think we'd all enjoy it if you would.... This one is actually

Your “Card Subject To Change” Monday Night Football Open Thread

NFL News: Pete Carroll confirmed what most of us already knew: Kam Chancellor is not returning in 2017. The neck injury is just too bad. Mike McCarthy defended Mason Crosby's attempted record of a field goal attempt, a decision which help the Steelers get back into the game Sunday night.

TGISF…AKA “Now We’re Cooking” Sexy Friday Open Thread

So I guess many of us did some cooking yesterday.  Or at least reaped the benefits of someone else doing it. Me myself?  I cooked.  And I know some of the rest of you did as well based upon our Thanksgiving Eve open thread discussions. I enjoy cooking.  Very much.  I especially