Copa América 2020 Group Stage Draw Recap

The draw took place yesterday even though we already knew which groups most teams would be in. How does that happen, you say? Well, CONMEBOL decided to invite Australia and Qatar to this year's version of the Copa América. Yes, we just had one this year. We're having another one. This new

Your “What If You Neither Walk Away Nor Run?” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: The big news of the day is that Riverboat Ron got run out of town. Carolina fired him after a 5-7 start, behind a team that has thrown 15 TDs versus 11 interceptions, been sacked 45 times & given up an average of 23 points per game. He's

Meatless Monday, BC Dick Tuesday

This was a difficult one to write. Not because I wasn't prepared, though I wasn’t. Not because I didn’t watch the games, which I did. It was because this was my favourite time of year that isn't a weeklong vacation in the summer with no plans – US thanksgiving. A

Euro 2020 Group Stage Draw Recap

The draw took place last Saturday even though not all teams have been determined. How does that happen, you say? Well, UEFA decided to introduce a new competition called the Nations' League to take place during the FIFA International Breaks so as to give more teams a chance at playing competitive games

Your “You Get What You Pay For” Friday Evening Open Thread

I don't have anything meaningful to say today.  I'd like to think of something to write about.  But here we are less than an hour before post time and I got absolutely nothing. I ate too much yesterday. I plan to drink too much tonight. Christmas tree and other assorted decorational shit has

Football is Family 3

EXT. A COLORADO CABIN, THANKSGIVING DAY An SUV slowly winds up a snow covered mountain road. As the vehicle begins to crest the final rise, it loses traction and the sound of wheels spinning and slush splattering echo throughout the trees. After a minute of unsuccessful attempts to free the vehicle, the

Your “Every Day Brings A Different Milestone” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: JERRAH doubled down on Wednesday, during an interview on NFL Network, ostensibly to promote the annual Red Kettle Campaign.  The money quote, which will be everywhere, was, "How about let's win some ballgames". Further adding, "I think all of us, including the fans, want to win a damn

Your “One Step Away From An Open Casting Call” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: When you see quotes about "bucks stopping with him", you know without looking someone asked Jerry Jones about his coaches.  "Disappointed is not the word. There’s no question that we were given an opportunity, there were things we could have taken advantage of," Jones said. It doesn't help