Your “What’s Worse – A Pattern or a Trend?” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Following up on a balls comment from last night's Open Thread, the Super Bowl viewership rating was a 41.1, or an average of 98.2 million viewers. The lowest viewership rating since 2003, Super Bowl XXXVII - Raiders vs. Bucs. Market share varied across the country: Boston had a

Temptation Island Talk – Episode 3

Welcome back to Temptation Island Talk! This week, we saw the rest of the first bonfire, the couples went on their second dates, and we had a second bonfire. Also, Javen is starting to grow up. Before we get to the recap, let me refresh your memories as to what

Your “Superb Owl Weekend” Friday Evening Open Thread

That banner image....  That is one Superb Owl, right?  RIGHT??????? Here, have another... Hehehehe....that one always makes me laugh.  And I needed a good laugh right now. /sighs heavily I've had a disheartening and exhausting couple of days recently.  Some of you know why.  Better I don't talk about it publicly. So let's just get

Tales From The Meteor! – Tight End Game

The beautiful tips of the trees outside of Atlanta shake back and forth with a gust of wind. The city in the forest is peaceful on a day in which the biggest game will be played. It’s game day and the fate of Football is at stake. A gust of wind