CFL Beat: Week 20

It's the final week of the regular season! While the playoff teams have been set for a while, the seeding is still not yet finalized, with the East Division still up for grabs while the lower seeds in the West could potentially feature three teams with an 11-7 record this

CFL Beat: Week 19

With two weeks left in the season, most of the playoff picture has already been settled; this year, Hamilton, Montreal and BC find themselves on the outside looking in, but so far, only Calgary has clinched the division. As a result, with a few games going counter to the picks

CFL Beat: Week 17

We've made it 75% of the way through the 2017 CFL regular season! Just four weeks remain on the schedule, and while the West playoff picture is looking fairly clear so far, with Calgary extremely far out in front & with Winnipeg having a cushion over third- and fourth-place Saskatchewan

CFL Beat: Week 16

Thanksgiving Weekend is almost here! Yes, the real Thanksgiving. I talked about this a couple years ago as to why Canadian Thanksgiving is superior to American Thanksgiving - you can check it out here - but in a nutshell, it's superior due to A) typical warmer weather than what happens

CFL Beat: Week 15

We'll be 75% of the way through the 2017 CFL season once this week wraps up, though judging by the weather throughout the Northeast and Ontario this past week, one could easily be forgiven for thinking summer had somehow just started. With the heat wave finally breaking today, we're now

CFL Beat: Week 14

This is the time of year where the injury bug is starting to get very noticeable in the CFL. I'm not certain how many times you'll see that word or a related one throughout this week's league update, but I'm certain it's a lot. I'm also concerned with my own

CFL Beat: Week 13

The hurricanes are over - for now - and autumn is just around the corner. It's an old Canadian cliché to say that the CFL season doesn't really begin until after Labour Day, but for a multitude of reasons, this is once again true. The West, just like each of

CFL Beat: Week 12

School is back, and gone is my sanity, as I'm forced into teaching ninth grade math for the first time in my career... an incredibly ironic situation, since I barely passed it as a student and haven't touched any of the material in over a decade. Still, a man's gotta

CFL Beat: Week 11

So I have to start this week's article with a rant... because I am fucking pissed at the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. As I'm sure many of you have heard by now, someone within the Ti-Cats organization deemed it prudent to hire disgraced former Baylor head coach Art Briles to work as an

CFL Beat: Week 10

Holy shit, August is almost over. And I guess we can all still see after the eclipse this week... for now... at least until today's scandal drops. There's one literally every day these days. Maybe firing the nukes will blind us instead of the sun. Who's to say, really? At