Mr. November Brings His A Game – JV NFL Open Thread

Holy shit, kids.  This slate is amazeballs.  To the point where I can't even say anything smart-ass, just want to play badass band of our times The National's epic John Kerry song: Nebraska at Ohio State (Noon, Fox) This is on national Fox...why?  This will feature some epic tOSU vengeance, for Redshirt's viewing

CFL Beat: Week 21

In a shocking collapse, the Edmonton Eskimos have officially been eliminated from 2018 post-season contention thanks to the victory by Winnipeg over Calgary. As a result of this, there's only one game left on the regular-season schedule with playoff implications, when Calgary takes on BC. Should the Stampeders win, they'll

A BattleBots Beat Halloween Special: Conquering the Reaper

Welcome to a very special BattleBots Beat vignette for Halloween. For your enjoyment, but hopefully not for your pleasure, because eww, we bring you this tale of a plucky underdog doing anything and everything to try and shock the world. We call this story, "Conquering the Reaper."* "6… 5… 4… 3…" "Bombshell's

Can Everton Finish Off Mourinho? (and other Lesser/JV Combo Thoughts)

Yes, it's time to do to Jose Mourinho what we did to Davey Moyes (what, like 5 years ago?) and finish the walking ded off.  Everton (in 8th position on 15 points, +3 GD) only need a draw at Old Trafford to stay above Manure (10th, -1), and the Blues

CFL Beat: Week 20

With two weeks left in the season, the playoff pictures are almost set! There's only one final slot available, and it's coming down to Winnipeg and Edmonton to duke it out. As it currently stands, this is how the math plays out for everyone right now: If Ottawa wins: Ottawa

The BattleBots Beaties: Because Senor Couldn’t Come Up with a Better Name

Welcome to the second [DFO] BattleBots Awards! With the rebranding this season of the BattleBots Beat, we (I) decided that we needed something cleverer than the generic "BattleBots Awards." But all the good fasteners were taken (the Giant Nut and Bolt by BattleBots, the Giant Screw was a thing that

CFL Beat: Week 19

With a number of surprising results last week, the playoff situation in the West Division has seen no further resolution; a couple of key divisional matchups in EDM-BC and SSK-CGY will factor in heavily into the upcoming seedings. A Saskatchewan win clinches them one of the two top seeds in

CFL Beat: Week 18

As the regular season winds down, the playoff picture becomes ever clearer. As of Week 17, four teams have currently clinched playoff berths - Calgary, Saskatchewan, Ottawa, and Hamilton. Remaining up for grabs is the third slot in the West Division as well as the crossover slot, where the team

CFL Beat: Week 17

October is upon us, and the playoff picture becomes more and more clear by the hour. As it currently stands, a number of teams are poised to clinch a playoff spot this week, while the Alouettes run the risk of being eliminated with a loss and a few other teams