Friday Afternoon Euro 2016 Open Thread

Italy and Sweden have already played with Italy winning 1 — 0. No real surprise there.

Currently underway is the Czech Republic v Croatia, a matchup of two of the grittiest, scrappiest nations in all of Europe.

Petr Cech leads the Czech side out for his 2,465th cap and Croatia is just praying that this isn’t the match when their Ultras completely lose their shit and burn St. Etienne to the ground.

Expect a hard-working, last-in-the-gym style scrap-off that will end in the grittiest of nil-nil draws.

At 15:00 we have defending Euro champions Spain facing off with Turkey. Turkey blew a huge match against the Croats in the opener and are beating a Balkan retreat faster then Suleiman after his defeat at Vienna. Spain are facing the pressure of the champions’ mantle, the recent World Cup failure, and the whole David De Gea debacle, not to mention the general state of insanity of Spanish fùtbol.

Spain are going to be too good in the end, 2 — 1 to to La Furia Roja.

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