NFL Broadcast Maps, Week Four

I was not able to do this yesterday, so I apologize for the delay.  We now arrive at Week Four of the NFL regular season.  I think it’s also the start of the Color Pink Awareness Month. Here are the broadcast maps for the 1 & 4 PM games on Sunday.

NFL TV Maps, Week Four

Primetime Games are as follows:

TNF: Ravens @ Steelers

SNF: Cowboys @ Saints

MNF: Lions @ Seahawks.

Each of which features a winless team desperate for a win.  Looks as though the schedulers made a bad assumption that the Lions would be good this year.

Bonus national game is Jets-Dolphins Sunday morning at 9:30 in London.   So if West Coasters want to watch as the players on the Jets defense grow irate with the players on the Jets offense (as has been the case since 2009), you’ll have to rise and shine early.

This week also features byes for the Titans and Patriots.

We are a bit more balanced for early and late afternoon games this week.  There are 7 1PM games to 4 4PM games.   Also, there seems to be a less wacky and random distribution of broadcasts.

CBS early features Raiders and Bears in most of the Central Pacific Coast and Upper Midwest.  Raiders have a good chance of starting the season 3-1.  Chiefs-Bengals is the most widely broadcast game.   Texans-Falcons features heavily in the non-Jewish retiree South.  Jags-Colts in their native markets, but notice there is an “L” shape.  That is the height of vanity Mr. Luck, did you really need to spend your money to get the your game broadcast in Tennessee? Browns-Chargers is this weeks FEMA quarantine map game having the most random allocation of broadcasts, though it is the only 4PM CBS game.

Fox Early features Eagles-Redskins in their native markets.  Giants-Bills in the bulk of the country.  Carolina-Bucs in most of the South-East.  Can anyone explain why that slither of NE Arkansas goes for Panthers games? That is the 2nd week in a row.

Fox Late has three games.  Packers-49ers on the Pacific Coast, Parts of the Midwest and most of the South.  Rams-Cards just in their native markets.  With Vikings-Broncos everywhere else.

Vikings-Broncos might be the best matchup on paper this week.  Primetime slate is unfortunately poor again.


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Lothar of the Hill People
Lothar of the Hill People

You missed the most fucked-up part of Arkansas (on the maps, that is) this week: look at the Fox late game map. If you follow the south/Arkansas side of the Ark-MO border from west to east, you get:

Green Bay-SF
St. Louis-AZ
Green Bay-SF
St. Louis-AZ
St. Louis-AZ

It looks like all 3 of those games are showing in the same county in the NE corner of Arkansas.

Of course, the maps are only as good as the coverage areas reported by whatever stations. So maybe that county gets served by stations from multiple markets, and that’s the best way they visualize the overlap in their signals.

We big-city folk forget that for all the more rural areas, there are often multiple affiliates of the same network whose signals reach the area. Like where my wife grew up, they could get two NBC stations (from different states), but no CBS stations.


What a horrible set of choices. HOWEVA, my girlfriend’s gay friend (and his new gay boyfriend), not that there is anything wrong with that, is showing up late tonight to stay with us for the weekend. Good guy or whatever but really draining. Think I’m gonna play the role of “sterotypical straight guy” this weekend and camp out at the bar watching football from Friday after work until the end of, what’s SNF again? Cowboys/Saints? Oh holy fuck. This is a lose-lose for me.

monty this seems strange to me

Don’t try to figure out why people in Arkansas do anything, Lord Revisisle.


All I need to know when contemplating whether the Raiders will end up in Los Angeles is sitting right there in that map – CBS is choosing to broadcast the Chargers game over the Raiders game everywhere south of Bakersfield. Hope they figure out a way to build a decent stadium in Oakland, cause they sure as fuck aren’t coming down here.


Bull shit! I don’t think I’m gonna make my OAK trip this year for my pilgrimage to O.Co and I’ll be gotdamned if I’m gonna go watch them play in modern day arena!


I’m headed up for the Chiefs game on December 6th.


By which I mean if you manage to make it out, you should do that one – we’ll grab a beer.