Week 3 NFL Broadcast Maps

Week 3 is here, and once again the 506 sports gives us advance notice/warning of the Sunday broadcasts. Here's the link: http://506sports.com National Games: TNF:  Texans @ Patriots, whoever the P*ts QB is, could JJ Watt murder-death-kill him?  As always Fuck the Patriots. SNF:  Bears @ Cowboys.  Sunday Night Football is supposed to be

NFL Broadcast Maps, Week 2

Sorry for the delay on the post, but I was busy being a productive citizen yesterday. Week 2 is here and once again, 506 Sports details the TV coverages for Sunday. Here's the link:  http://506sports.com/ National Games are as follows: TNF: Jets @ Bills.  The first short-week TNF game is today.  Both teams are

Sunday Morning Appetizers

Welcome all to the first NFL Sunday of the year. It's been about 7 months since we had one, so savor it. College football Saturday featured some ranked teams falling to unranked ones, most significantly the Central Michigan Chippewas over OK State. Big 12 is having a rough start to the

Independence Day Open Thread

Happy Independence Day to everyone, even you godless Canadian bastards. In terms of sporting events we have Wimbledon Round of 16 action. I wonder if Andy Murray will be regarded as British or Scottish by the time this tournament ends (this is not a Brexit comment) http://www.isandymurraystillbritish.com/ There is also the Tour De

Sunday Open Thread

Today's sporting action consists of Wimbledon, France-Iceland in Euro 2016, and baseball. Iceland is the Cinderella team this tournament having advance to the knockout rounds and beat England. England Englanded very hard once again in a major tournament.  Winner plays tournament favorite Germany. Enjoy.    

Sunday Open Thread

Sunday action features the Euro, Copa America, baseball, and Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final. On the European front, Turkey plays Croatia, it's a funtime Ottoman Empire family reunion. Northern Ireland plays Poland, Germany plays Ukraine, I'm guessing it will go about as well for the Ukrainians as Operation Barbarossa did for

Saturday Open Thread

Midseason Doldrums Baseball, the Euro, and Copa America are the prime courses today. The Swiss beat the Albanians already, something something hidden Nazi war gold. The Welsh play Slovakia. Hgsdbnwwwlllyyynnnjklppppudmmmmssswwwwqqqqzzzzzzllllkjhttyyyyyppphxccccrrrrbbbbbnlllllqqqqqqqqrrrrrrrr. That's Welsh for "a" as in the article of speech. England plays the Ruskies. Oh look Putin replaced the team with Spetsnaz operatives. US