Request Line: A Greening to Remember (Part 3)



Law-abiding Raiders fan, pet owner, Los Angeles resident.


A pair of radio professionals and a large piece of electronic equipment are gathered outside the recording booth, both of the humans sipping coffee as they chat aimlessly.  

CONNOR, THE INTERN: …and you can’t possibly get any more vanilla than that.  But you’ve got berry, and…

TRENT GREEN comes from around the corner and enters the room.  He pauses and furrows his brow.

TRENT: Hey, wait a minute, this isn’t Yogurtland…

PRODUCER: Ha ha ha, hey there, Trent. Welcome to KDFO. Thanks for coming by. We’re glad you didn’t forget about us.

TRENT: Of course not!  Sorry if I’m late.

PRODUCER: No, you’re just in time.

TRENT: I wasn’t really kidding about that frozen yogurt, though. I sure would like some.

CONNOR: There might be some Choco Tacos left in the freezer from when Ben Roethlisberger was hosting. I’ll check.

PRODUCER: God, that seems like ages ago.


TRENT: [snaps his fingers] Vince Young.

PRODUCER: I beg your pardon?

TRENT: Vince Young. Quarterback for the Tennessee Titans.

PRODUCER: Um…right.

TRENT: We talked about that earlier.


TRENT: Ha ha, just doing my Phil Simms for ya. So, how’s the wife?

PRODUCER: You’ve met my wife?

TRENT: Sure, sure, at that charity thing.

PRODUCER: [finally realizing that Trent has no idea who he is or what is going on] Oh, right, right. She’s great. She says hi. So we’re getting tight on time, let’s get the show started. [ushers Trent into the booth] It’s pretty easy – every time a song ends, we’ll put a caller through.  You make a little chit chat, get their request, and then we’ll give it a spin.  Just make sure you stay on topic and we’ll do the rest.

TRENT: Stay on topic.  Sure thing, you bet.

TRENT sits down behind the microphone and puts on the headphones as the PRODUCER exits the booth.  

TRENT: [Into the microphone] So…what’s the topic again?

PRODUCER: [who is looking down as he fiddles with the equalizer] Christian said he told you all about it.   You’ll be fine.  All right…[raises his other hand and begins to count down from three]

TRENT: [does not see him because he is searching the desk frantically for a pen]  Shit…shit…

The “ON AIR” display lights up. 

TRENT: [to self] Goddamn you, Proust.  Gotta remember this.  Write this down, write this down…

PRODUCER: [taps on the glass] Okay, we’ve got our first caller on line 1. I’m putting him through.

TRENT looks up.


Law-abiding Raiders fan, pet owner, Los Angeles resident.
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Low Commander of the Super Soldiers

I just realized who Trent thought he was talking to from the “charity thing.”

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Don T

A slammin’, all percussion version of “Se me olvidó que te olvidé” (I Forgot That I’d Forgotten You”) by Eugenio Ortega:

I forgot I’d forgotten you.
I forgot having left you
Far, so far from my life.
I forgot you’re not here,
That you don’t remember me
& the wound again bleeds.

I forgot I’d forgotten you.
& because I never found you
Hiding among the shadows,
I really don’t know why.
I forgot I’d forgotten you,
Though there’s nothing I forget.
Though there’s nothing I forget.


For Trent: