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25 Questions (woo oo)
Thursday Duchess is out there making,
25 Questions (woo oo)
Questions of daring-do anal and pop
Culture Questions (woo oo)

B-B-Boltman lurks behind you
Does the stranger actually work now?
What to do? Just sit on your hand

25 Questions (woo oo)
Thursday Duchess is out there making,
25 Questions (woo oo)
Questions of daring-do anal and pop
Culture Questions (woo oo)

Not 13 Questions or 20 Questions
No, 25 Questions (woo oo)

  1. So that was some eclipse huh?
  2. What did people do back in the day when these events happened?
  3. Who are worse people in this life those who bought ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart to play during the show, or those who are posting fake pictures claiming they took them?
  4. That former part is kind of like wearing the shirt of the band at the show, isn’t it?
  5. For the latter are these people just so desperate for the attention that they have to lower themselves to lying to get strangers approval?
  6. Is the real answer, the folks who had to go out of their way to say they were not watching the eclipse are the absolute worst?
  7. Has cynicism and hipsterism infected sports yet?
  8. Like do the Browns now have a following of people who sit watch games while drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and twirling their mustaches or stroking their beards?
  9. Speaking of beards what ever happened to Olivia Munn?
  10. How many other actresses claimed they would never do a nude scene unless the script needed it only to do a nude scene because they needed the role?
  11. Is that proof of Hollywood’s hypocrisy or Hollywood’s sexism?
  12. But hey it made Magic Mike worth watching right?
  13. Or was it third place behind Matthew McConaughey and laughing at the lead girl and her inability to say the word “Adam”
  14. How great was the McConaughsensse?
  15. Looking back is it now safe to say that Season 1 of True Detective was not as great as we all thought?
  16. Didn’t his rants at the beginning of the season just seem so out of place?
  17. Or was that just great writing to make you intrigued but annoyed by a guy who would go off on a rant about time meaning nothing and religion is a joke after being asked “Its a nice day out today isn’t it?”
  18. But dem Alexandra Daddario’s boobs though, right?
  19. Is this where Balls would make a joke about anal sex?
  20. Has that joke gotten old yet?
  21. Or is it getting old, but the longer I do it it becomes funny again, like when Peter Griffin hit his shin?
  22. Did South Parks manatee writers kind of ruin the show for you?
  23.  How often has that happened when a satire pokes such a scathing hole in something you liked that it made you look at it in a different way?
  24. Is that an example of the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon?
  25. Or is it a Mandela effect and that Family Guy was just always bad but we remembered it being better than it actually was, much like the eclipse?


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#19 – Yes!


“My girlfriend is in it.”

– Aaron Rodgers, explaining to a video store clerk why he’s renting “Magic Mike” for the seventeenth time.


I hope everything bad possible happens to this school and everyone who attends or works there.
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I bet if FEMA had staff they could help.


MOTHERFUCKER! The list HTML doesn’t work, so why do we have that option?

1. Indeed.

2. Panic and sacrifice a virgin.

3. The phonies.

4. Eh

5. Yes

6. Those people would be the worst, except for reading about bosses forbidding their employees from going to look at the eclipse. The good part comes from the follow-up where employees ignored them and looked anyway because FUCK YOU. Although, now that I think about it the worst people in the world are the assholes who sold counterfeit glasses to at least one school I read about that had to cancel the viewing for the kids because they found out too late and couldn’t get enough replacements for everyone.

7. No. And you can trust me because I live in Portland.

8. No.

9. Playing a CIA operative in a History Channel series about Navy SEALs.

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10. Emmy Rossum, for one. That actually turned out well for everyone because she seemed entirely awful and destined to be in utter dreck (e.g. Dragonball: Evolution), but it turns out that showing off her boobs made her a genuinely good actress in Shameless.

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11. Both

12. One of many reasons.

13. McConaughey was the best part.

14. It was okay. It doesn’t hold up.

15. I couldn’t make it past the first modern-day interrogation because he sounded like such a pretentious dipshit the second time. The first time it was amusing, but knowing the whole story and realizing he was completely shining on the guy from The Wire and the other detective doesn’t actually make it better. Both seasons were really pretty, though, T. Bone made a great soundtrack, and that 6-minute tracking shot is still the tits.

16, See above.

17. No. See above.

18. Boobs, ass, everything. It also led to finding out how cool she is with nudity that she was open to doing the scene in Texas Chainsaw Massacre where she’s tied up completely topless, but they gave her the open shirt for stupid MPAA ratings reasons or some nonsense. BTW, she and Kate Upton are now doing press for The Layover, which looks stupid but has both of them whoring themselves up trying to get a guy to fuck them like anyone would ever say no to either but Hollywood is stupid.

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comment image

19. Yes.

20. No.

21, No.

22. No, but I fell out of love with Family Guy a while before. I was “watching” it in that I’d have the TV on but never really liked it after the movie (and the movie sucks) because the tone just changed so much and lost all of the IDGAF attitude of the first two seasons, for sure.

23. Yes. The biggest 180 for me has been going from loving The West Wing when it was on to now thinking it’s one of the worst and most harmful TV series to air in at least a generation. I was already primed to loathe Sorkin, but now I not only hate him and everything he’s touched, but TWW especially has become something I was actively shit on given a chance.

24. No.

25. No. The original run was objectively the best era of the series and great compared to most crap on TV.


18. Hells yes.
19. Also Yes
20. No.


22. Did South Parks manatee writers kind of ruin the show for you?

Yes. I sat there watching and felt bad for being a fan. And then thought about idea balls any time I saw another episode.


I did appreciate the nod of respect that the South Park creators gave to King of the Hill.


4) Even worse, it’s like a 20 year old guy wearing a Fleetwood Mac shirt to a Lindsey Buckingham show.
11) Yes.
25) My God that was always a terrible show.
I would rather get a root canal without anesthesia, while listening to a Yoko Ono album, and eating out Peter Kings ass after he visited Cincinnati, than watch anything that hack does.

Don T

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Enrico Pallazzo

18. Yes.