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Law-abiding Raiders fan, pet owner, Los Angeles resident.

When I was a sexy lifeguard during my summers off from college, thanks to a complicated confluence of circumstances (namely, her being nucking futs) I got my coworker fired and was stuck working pretty much the entire month of August by myself.  I worked something like twenty-seven days in a row, and by the end of it, I was pretty worn out.  And that was just sitting by a pool reading books as I repeatedly reminded hotel guests that we were not a day-care service and they couldn’t just dump their kids off at the pool.  Last month, my poor wife, who is a litigator, billed over three hundred hours.  That’s ten hours a day – EVERY DAY – of serious legal work.  I’ve been trying like hell to make her life easier (cooking, cleaning, not getting so drunk I need to be carried up to bed), but if anyone has any advice or tips on things that I might not have thought of, I’d really appreciate it.

This week’s edition of DFO Radio is a much more eclectic mix than is typical, and I’m really loving it.  I really enjoy having new music turn up, so keep ’em coming!  Here’s the Spotify link.  One minor request – if you’ve got several options for the youtube video you’re posting, please use one with the simplest and most direct title (the first video here is an excellent example).  The app I use to build the Spotify playlist is not very bright and gets thrown off when words like “official” or “lyrics” or “version” show up in the title.  That request, of course, goes out the window if there’s something interesting about the song version and/or video that you want to share.

Have a great week, everybody!  Stay tuned for a visit from your favorite sleazy Hollywood producers tomorrow!




Law-abiding Raiders fan, pet owner, Los Angeles resident.
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Foot rub.
Always the right answer.


Flowers? Send/take flowers to her place of employment, perhaps with a framed photo of your dog(s) that will remind her that those at home are rooting for her.

Or just tell her how blowing you will help her focus at work.


So I was in Boston shouting racist things at Orioles players, so I did not get a chance to comment on the draft. Here is my power ranking of people named “Mitch”:

1. Mitch Hedberg

2. Mitch Mitchell

3. Mitch Kramer (“Dazed and Confused”)

4. Mitch Trubisky

5,342. Mitch Albom

1,304,453,839. Mitch McConnell


McConnell should be a bit lower.

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh
Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

The worst Mitch? The worst Mitch.


You missed the most important one: Mitch Cumstein.

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For your wife, massages are obvious, but depend on the stress level of some of those cases, I might also suggest a gift certificate for the gun range (including a safety training and lesson if she’s never gone).