Hunter Henry Displeases BOLTMAN

Third year tight end Hunter Henry was struck down with an ACL injury on Tuesday, likely sidelining him for the entire 2018 season.  BOLTMAN referred any questions about his involvement to his spokesman Peter Carr, who declined to comment.

Law-abiding Raiders fan, pet owner, Los Angeles resident.
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[…] that the team may be cursed, given their year over year injury history, which has already claimed Hunter Henry earlier this May. I personally cannot think of any man, woman or inter-dimensional being of horror […]

Low Commander of the Super Soldiers

When asked for comment, the team’s Leading Physician responded by requesting to meet at a local bar at 9am for “sssshotshh ‘n steak!”

Senor Weaselo

Good to see BOLTMAN change it up from the usual shattered femur. Variety is the spice of life after all.