Your “Pre-Super Bowl Week Is A Dead Zone” Wednesday Evening Open Thread



A Canadian man-child of indeterminate age, he stays young by selling alcohol at sporting events and yelling at the patrons he serves. Their rage nourishes his soul, and their tips pay for his numerous trips to various sporting events.

NFL Nuggets:

  • Actual good news: Fitty’s coming back for a 16th season. 
    • He signed a one-year deal with the Cardinals.
    • He is second all-time in receiving yards (behind Jerry Rice) and receptions (behind Tony Gonzalez).
      • He’s only 23 receptions behind Tony G, but 6,000 yards behind #80.
  • Two days in a row, I’m stealing from Crimebeat!
    • Saints CB PJ Williams was arrested for DWI in New Orleans.
      • He also faces excessive speeding charges, for doing 80 in a 50 zone.
    • It’s also his second DWI, but that one was picked up before the draft (and the charges were later dropped).
  • Tumult in Dallas as Cole Beasley drops accusations the front office pushes who gets the ball, and that influences play calling.
    • He claimed he gets more throws during two-minute drills when there is no script & things happen on the fly.
      • Otherwise, according to him, he only gets 3-4 directed passes per game.

•   Which led to this speculation:

•   …and now he’s walking back the comments.

•   probably because his current benefactor, Stephen Jones, had this to add to the conversation:

“We don’t get involved in that. The only thing we ever do is decide if we’re going to pay players a lot of money. Or if we’re going to trade for players and give up big picks.”

That’s why they’re called “nuggets”, folks.

In response to a query posed by Unsurprised last night:

I’m still up because I suck, but anyway, this post-season seems to have murdered the site. I don’t care about the NFL, but come the fuck on, folks. This is a good site with good content and people.

I will offer up that:

  1. You don’t suck; and
  2. We’ve never been more popular than right now, thanks to everyone old and new.

As the self-appointed monitor of our Alexa stats, as of yesterday we rest here:

While that might not look like much, remember that a lot of those numbers are porn sites. If you look at the chart, back in early July, we sat at 425,000th, and have since been making steady progress towards some form of legitimization.

So while we aren’t Deadspin (2,793), Pornhub (29), or The Old Place (5,876), we are having a good time being ourselves, and other people are coming along for the ride. Many, many thanks again to all who read and contribute to the site.

Tonight’s sports:

  • NHL:
    • Capitals at Leafs – 7:30PM | NBCSN / Sportsnet
    • Coyotes at Habs – 7:30PM | Sportsnet1
    • Predators at Golden Knights – 10:00PM | NBCSN
  • NBA:
    • Raptors at Pacers – 7:00PM | TSN
    • Spurs at 76ers – 8:00PM | ESPN
    • Nuggets at Jazz – 10:30PM | ESPN
  • NCAA:
    • Providence at Xavier – 6:30PM | FS1
    • Tennessee at Vanderbilt – 7:00PM | ESPN2 / TSN2
    • Texas at TCU – 7:00PM | ESPNU
    • DePaul at Marquette – 8:30PM | FS1
    • Oklahoma at Oklahoma State – 9:00PM | ESPNU

This week is awful. There’s fake hype for the Professional Bowl, faker hype for the Senior Bowl, and Peter King trying to turn those turds into Skyline Chili.

That’s why he carries spare bibs.


A Canadian man-child of indeterminate age, he stays young by selling alcohol at sporting events and yelling at the patrons he serves. Their rage nourishes his soul, and their tips pay for his numerous trips to various sporting events.
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Others have a note to Unspuriised, so I suppose this is mine.

I love this site, and I’ve done a lot for it. That said, I’m not that funny, nor am I creative. I genuinely wish I was; I’m just not. The one thing I do love is to comment, which goes back to The Elder Gods, the Other Site, and now here.

I would love to contribute here. I’m just so, so very busy with the Lil’ WCS’ers and work, I just don’t have the “regular hours” to add anything, unless it is something I’m truly setting aside time for (see: golf). You’ve seen me almost every night for the threads. This is my community, and I love it. I’m extremely happy this group has survived. Night threads are my “cooling-off.” I need these. Even if there are not a lot of posts, the .gifs, jokes, and general bullshittery is what I need.

In my opinion, it’s no so much of avoiding this place, it’s just life gets in-between. I don’t like it, either. It’s just something that happens. Maybe I’m wrong, but, that is my personal experience.

I love it here, and I sincerely wish I could do more. I just don’t have the time. That doesn’t mean we;re going away. Completely the opposite. We’ve got so many talented people contributing every single day. Others read and comment. Don’t worry, bud. We’re not going anywhere. We’ve established ourselves just fine. The interwebs need a spot like this.

Now, if you want me to talk golf, well, let’s go!

/4000 members quit


I won’t watch golf with you, but I’d read a post you wrote about golf. Regardless, I’m all for just everyone commenting, chiming in with a joke or even constructive criticism. Since I’ve been writing the mailbag (get your questions into!) I’ve thought a lot more about what Ian said when he was getting deeper into Infinite Nets and wasn’t sure anyone was reading. We almost lost Ian because he didn’t know the audience was paying attention. That would have been a huge loss given how awesome his writing is and how many Russians (people not bots) have flocked to the site post-panel review.

I get it, putting your creativity out into the void and seemingly confirming that it’s empty sucks. Rob’s quanty webstats are uber helpful but even more helpful is a comment that lets the author know you’re reading and engaging. Bring on the witty bon mots!


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