Your “Obvious Point Is Obvious” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Before I begin - a big shoutout to Horatio for helping work up ESPN blowhard Darren Rovell on the Twitter. That's good enmity. NFL News: Jon Gruden has opinions about the injustice of Vontaze Burfict's season-ending suspension: "I'm not happy about it -- at all. I don't want to say anything else,

Your Saturday Evening “Ruck Over!” Open Thread

I hope you've enjoyed staying up late / waking up early to watch the Rugby World Cup LIVE! from Japan. Having attended the Rugby World Sevens last year in San Francisco, I can only imagine the bacchanalia. BeerBrother, who works for a Japanese company, said that all travel to head office

Your Barbecue Season Saturday Evening Post

Tonight, for the hockey game meal, it's pulled pork. I had to fight through the "honeydo" list earlier today, so I've earned me some quality meats. I started it in the slow cooker for about 4 hours, and then transfer that bad boy to the grill. Keeping the temperature about 250°

Your ‘Til Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: The window is starting to close for the Eagles now that they are talking a long-term extension for Carson Wentz. Much like how Russell Wilson's pay raise ended things for the Seahawks, this only gives the Eagles a couple more years before they have to start shedding salary. Derek