Your “It’s Not Free Money” Saturday Evening Open Thread

I moved my music & comedy ramblings to Sunday night, so I could bring this up. Before it becomes old news, rumours are Kaep settled for between $60-80 million, ostensibly for restraint or loss of trade. On the direct "insider" front from Friday night, there was nothing but company line from corporate

Your “The Calm Before The Storm” Thursday Evening Open Thread NFL News: The odds are out for this weekend's games: Chiefs (-3) Saints (-3.5) both over/unders were 56/56.5 when I checked this morning. The forecast has been "upgraded" to sunny with cloudy periods, highs near -2° Fahrenheit. The NFL announced that Gladys Knight will perform the national anthem at The

Your “The Offseason = Beef Season” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: And now it begins in the mainstream: Bruce Arians called Antonio Brown a "diva". Florio is weighing options over at PFT. AB dragged Emmanuel Sanders into the mix. Art Rooney II says no one's asked about a trade yet, and has feelings on AB's Week 17 effort. Oft-injured