Better Know A Bracket (2017) – Midwest Region

King Hippo

King Hippo

Reclusive, vulgar Broncos fan.Also a proud fookin’ Evertonian.Likely dropped on my head repeatedly as a small child.[Insert George Carlin quote followed by thoughtful nod.]
King Hippo

Welcome to the mildly difficult region that is the Midwest, home yet again to perennial #1 seed, U*NC of the Midwest, Kansas.  But those annoying, simplistic rhymin’ fuckwits will have to earn they supper this year, with a pathway that includes Miami/Sparty, Iowa State, then likely Louisville or Oregon in the final.  Good teams all, and many different styles of play.

This is also a little bit of a cotillion for the B1G, with Sparty joined by regular season #1 Purdue (over-seeded at 4) and tourney champ Meechigan (under-seeded at 7).  Methinks the Wolverines just fed off an adrenaline rush from their plane crash fun getting to DC, but who knows?  They could be finding their stride at the right time.  Seem a fairly athletic, skillful bunch.

Who Can Reasonably Win?  Of course, Kansas, but what fun is that?  Assuming Iowa State doesn’t shit themselves in the first round again, they have all the ingredients (guard play, multiple scorers, upperclassman leadership) of a title challenger – plus they are fun.  Louisville is always in play as long as Rick Pitino is coaching rather than shamefully attempting to make sweet love, especially with the injury bug haven bitten both Oregon and Creigh-Creigh.

Who Can Make a Little Run?  With everyone worried about Michigan, don’t sleep on their first round foe, Okie State.  They survived a brutal conference, and were a far better team once the calendar flipped to February.  Miami is also better than a lot of people think.  With the ghost of Jim Valvano in play, I never count out Iona College, either.  Could they end up playing Rhode Island in all double digit 2nd rounder?  Certainly.

And the Hippo Oscar Goes To…  Louisville (confidence level – moderate).  Consistent with my Hippocratic Oath, I refuse to pick KS yet again.  I do believe there is a pot odds case to be made, as the Cards’ half of the bracket is significantly more manageable.  Plus, Iowa State has just fucked me over too many times.

King Hippo
King Hippo
Reclusive, vulgar Broncos fan. Also a proud fookin' Evertonian. Likely dropped on my head repeatedly as a small child. [Insert George Carlin quote followed by thoughtful nod.]
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Moose -The End Is Well Nigh
Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

It’s weird that Louisville has trouble scoring quickly but their coach runs a six-second drill.

Horatio Cornblower

Why was this not the banner quote within 15 seconds of it’s appearance?


“15 seconds? What am I, a marathoner?”

-R. Pitino

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh
Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

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Enrico Pallazzo

Kansas sucks but @KUBoobs is always a great Twitter follow.


That’s not about Mangino, is it?


These previews are very helpful in the “how to make sure you beat Hippo” bracket pool.


Never, ever, ever sleep on an under-seeded John Beilein team. (YES, I’M BIASED, BUT THE MAN CAN COACH).